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10 Second Update


Becoming a Person of Color

If you’ve known me for any length of time...you may have noticed my addiction to wearing black and gray.

Does this speak to a deeper issue ("issues" I should say)? Probably! There’s certainly always tell-tale signs, isn't there?

In fact...this was such an obvious theme for me that I was caught off-guard when...Read blog...



Do something beautiful for your mom (Mother's Day is May 11)!

Give your mom a beautiful $24 Isaiah 61 Bracelet and empower moms in Africa at the same time.

- FREE gift bag (Mother's Day special)

- Mailed directly to your mother (mailed out from Nebraska)

- Personal note can be included

- Order online here at our Etsy shop by May 5th to be recieved in time for Mother's Day (US orders)

- Only 19 bracelets left in US inventory so order now (email Julie if you would rather send a check)


Ostrands Say Hello - family picnic video greeting

Soccer players have a shocking realization that people in America care about them...Read what Karl told them...

Julie is thoroughly enjoying strategic planning with African "Biznaries" (business-minded missionaries)...from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and South Africa. See the fun...

Can you believe it? Emme turned 6 years old! Experience how much our community loves her with these videos...

Snap shots - Enjoy photos of every day Ostrand life...