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Motherhood - the Good, Bad and Ugly

Here is my tell-all about real Ostrand life with three fabulous little girls....read blog


SOCCER: One mother called Karl very emotional saying, "I was praying you would be my son's coach this season!" 3 reasons why soccer isn't about soccer to Karl...

HOPE CENTER: Omaha, Nebraska is #1 in the nation for the highest poverty rate among African American children. What??!? Find out how Julie got involved...

ISAIAH 61 BRACELET ($24): 28 left in our Omaha stock. Order now and receive in 5 days (support a mother in Africa)!


UPDATE ON KARL'S MOM: Joan recently discovered that the hormone treatment has not been as effective against the cancer as hoped.

When her lungs started filling up with liquid 2 weeks ago (due to the cancer)...read more