Virtual Baby Shower



Hello! My name is Erin Jensen. I am Julie's sister-in-law, married to her brother Ken.

I was thrilled to hear that Julie and Karl would be having a boy after three beautiful girls!

I want to celebrate and support the Ostrand's together...even though we are all miles apart. So I would like to invite you to the Ostrand’s Virtual Baby Shower!

How does this work?

After having 3 girls…the Ostrands have most baby things and all things “pink” …but they are in need of BOY CLOTHES (NEW OR USED)!

We can mail our gifts to Julie's mom in Nebraska (by December 15th), and she will give them to Karl's dad to take to Africa for the birth of the baby.



NEW OR USED: They would love NEW OR USED baby boy clothes!

MAILING ADDRESS: Please mail to Julie’s mom at the address below in the USA (to be received by December 15th). Julie’s mom will organize the gifts and put them in a suitcase for Karl’s dad to bring when he comes to Africa for the birth of the baby (he leaves on December 19th).

Note: If you are in Omaha you can coordinate dropping them off at the house. You can reach Dot at (402) 493-9563.

Dot Jensen
14817 Paul Plaza
Omaha, NE 68154

New or used boy clothes needed!  Remember the seasons are the “opposite” in South Africa…so please use this guide:

  • 0-3 months: Summer
  • 3-6 months: Spring
  • 6-9 months: Winter
  • 9-12 months: Fall
  • 12-18 months: Summer/Spring

NO GIFT WRAP: No need to wrap your gift!  Please put your “boy outfit” in a zip lock bag.  This will make it easier to get through customs (and the Ostrands always love more zip lock bags from the US).

INCLUDE YOUR NAME: Don’t forget to include your name so the Ostrands know it’s from you. :-)

VIDEO GREETING: Baby boy is due January 5th but Julie will have a scheduled c-section on December 22nd (due to some safety precautions).   Because Karl’s dad arrives late on the night before they will have the baby…they won’t be able to open gifts before the baby arrives.  After they are home from the hospital and settled, they will be sending everyone a “video greeting” to say thanks and to introduce you to their son! 

SPECIAL NOTE: I have asked Karl and Julie not to send individual thank you notes for the gifts received; I would like to suggest we bless them by accepting their video greeting as a thank you. 



How much will baby Ostrand weigh?

Vote in the comment area below. $10 gift card to the winner!

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Thank you so much for loving the Ostrands and helping them celebrate this special birth!  I know they value and appreciate you all so much.

Even though we are spread out across the globe, I'm so glad we can join in the joy of the birth of their son!

Erin Jensen

Questions? Email me!