Merry Christmas from the Ostrands!

We are excited to welcome Christmas in America! Ha! Ok we really just wanted you to open one last email from the Ostrands. We know there have been SO MANY ENDLESS UPDATES from us over the past 6 years and you have been incredibly gracious to listen to the countless details of our lives. You are "our people" and we love you!

Important Detail: There are no new Ostrands on the way (you can start breathing again and so will we!).

As we close the chapter on our time living in Africa, here are a few throw-back photos of the "Ostrands at Christmas" since we packed our bags for Africa in 2009. Let's look back together!

Christmas 2009 (Jensen was 3 years old and Emme was almost 2 years old - Julie looks a little "dear in the headlights" - probably because we were in the process of selling our house-hold items, packing up our entire lives and moving our family to Africa the next month - a place Julie had never even visited. Whoa!)


Christmas 2010 (our first Christmas in Africa...even with the world's smallest Christmas tree the girls were so happy)


Christmas 2011 (in America for a bit of re-grouping from our first year in Africa and Julie was pregnant with Adi Rose)


Christmas 2012 (we took a road trip around South Africa with friends and ended up staying in some very random somewhat-sketchy cabins we found at the last minute. Our "J" kept crawling away - see video below)


Classic Ostrand craziness! 2011 Christmas Greeting Blooper Video



Christmas 2013 (in America while Karl's mother was battling cancer...she died 2 months after this photo was taken)


Christmas 2014 (back in Africa and settled in - Julie is 9 months pregnant with our first boy)


More Christmas 2014 (Colton is born a few days before Christmas...what a joyful time!)


Christmas 2015 (we have moved back to America permanently - the children are thriving and Karl and Julie are ready to start the next chapter of their lives)

Thank you for being such a big part of our lives over the past 6 years! You made a big difference and touched Africa with God's love. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for you!

Note: Year-end tax deductible donations can still be made to the Ostrands till December 31st (all support will end January 1, 2016). Give online now or mail a check.