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The Truth About Karl Ostrand

In 2015 I am going to be doing a series of blogs on "The Truth About..."

Want to know the truth about Karl Ostrand? He is a kind husband and tender-hearted father - but there is another side to Karl. 

The side of Karl most of you know...even if you’ve only met him once, blog



Colton (1 month): Aaaa! We can't seem to stop with the Colton photos. Please overlook our unbridled enthusiasm for our little son. See newborn photos (7 days old)...

Jensen (8 yrs): "When I grow up...I want to come back to Africa and teach people how to think like Americans." (Oh dear!)

Emerson (6 yrs): "Adi Rose, you have pretty shoes." (6 words spoken Jan 28 - her longest sentence yet. Go, Emme!)

Adison (2 yrs):"Today is my birthday!" (Adi likes to say this every day...sometimes we even sing "Happy Birthday" to her. Love that girl!)


Ubuntu just opened their soccer academy house, and the boys moved in tonight!

This is FREE housing for 14 soccer players (complete with "house parents") who were living in poor conditions and wish to live closer to school and soccer practice locations. This should have been an HGTV project!

On a shoe-string budget...they remodeled a desolate, broken down farm house destined for demolition...and created a beautiful home for their at-risk soccer players.

See incredible "before and after" photos...