Journal - January 2015


January 25 - New Ubuntu Academy House for Soccer Players

Ubuntu just opened their soccer academy house, and the boys moved in tonight!

This is FREE housing for 14 soccer players (complete with "house parents") who were living in poor conditions and wish to live closer to school and soccer practice locations. This should have been an HGTV project!

On a shoe-string budget...they remodeled a desolate, broken down farm house destined for demolition...and created a beautiful home for their at-risk soccer players.


We are so impressed with fellow Ubuntu coaches Erik and Melissa Hall (along with others),
who worked tirelessly on this remodel. Thanks to Melissa for taking these incredible
"before and after" photos and posting them on her Instagram page.


We love this family!


The House...

This old farm house was going to be demolished!


Before and After: Our Ubuntu Academy house cleaned up well!
We hope this place is always fill with love, joy, laughter, and the Holy Sprit. 


The Kitchen...

The house...before it all began!


The kitchen...what do you do when you need to layout the kitchen to make donated equipment work and you don't have a fancy design program to make it easier? As engineers, Erik and Melissa used Excel of course!


Another day at the Ubuntu Academy house...the Halls are in the middle of a kitchen project building an island. They made this for $20 because they found lots of scrap wood. They need to finish the edge and Melissa isgoing to spice it up so stay tuned for the finished project! 

Note: The project was a bit behind Melissa's dad Hoppy flew out to help finish the renovation.


The kitchen the night of the "Open House" to welcome players.


The kitchen is looking oh so pretty.


Just a little reminder to remember our manners


Another view of the kitchen.


The Dining Room...

Hoppy and Coach Erik let Antonio, one of our U13s, help build the dining room table!


Here is our finished dining space off the kitchen with the new farmhouse turquoise table
that Hoppy and Erik
 built with scrap wood.


First prayer before dinner tonight at the "Open House."


The Livingroom...

These beauties are being made into a sectional sofa for our Academy house dorm room...Melissa's poor dad just shakes his head at the projects she dreams up for him to do. She likes the challenge of a budget...just hope it turns out well and no one gets a splinter in his or her bum.


The Hall family is an "ALL IN" kind of bunch...they spent another day together at theUbuntu Academy house finishing our pallet couch (just needs cushions/pillows now) and digging through wood piles to save some money with our kitchen renovation.


Academy house hangout room...the cushion is on!


1st staff meeting in 2015 at our new Ubuntu Academy house!


The Bedrooms...

Teamwork: Esli showed Shawn how to roll the paint and Shawn showed Esli how to do stripes!


We have 3 bedrooms and a hangout room...we don't have any money left so Melissa is getting as creative as she can on a shoestring budget...presenting the red room, the blue room, and the orange room...hope the boys like them!


The blue room


The orange room.


The Bathrooms...

The tile is doing down and the shower walls are going up.


4 showers ready for 14 boys


We are so excited for our players most in need to have an amazing new home!

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