Journal - March 2010


a home in Ocean View

March 1st , 2010:

Well, we've haven't planted any churches yet. Actually, it starts by simply begining a Bible Study in someone's home. Quite a few All Nations groups have already started Bible Studies.

For our group, last week it became clear they do think the "white-ies" are coming!


March 3rd, 2010:

Karl helped run a soccer academy tonight in Ocean View with about 40 kids. He showed up just to watch and the academy director said "Here - you run it!."


March 11, 2010:

We walked into the Ocean View high school unannounced and immediately was able to speak to the assistant principal.

She herself was student at Ocean View High 20 years ago and came back to improve the school. We explained that we are here to serve the community and, like her, are interested in helping students.

One of our team members, Johannes, has experience with Leadership Adventure Camps and this really sparked her interest.

Leadership Adventure Camps teach skills like...

  • Problem Solving
  • Team Unity
  • Trust
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Decision Making
  • Etc.




March 16, 2010:

Karl discovered Ubuntu Sports - a soccer organization just getting off the ground, based in Ocean View, started by a Christian American. Wow! In Ocean View! We couldn't believe it.

Ubuntu Sports Outreach has a Unique Mission
• Focus will be in township communities
• High level coaching
• Long term relationships
• Intentional one-on-one discipleship

How it works: The coach’s time with their team will include team devotions, Bible Study, HIV/AIDS education, team building, along with great soccer training. We have a meeting with them next week.


March 18, 2010

We met with head principal of Ocean View High and introduced ourselves, along with the skills our team members have to offer:

  • Karl - experienced soccer coach
  • Julie - computer and business skills
  • Able - music and instruments
  • Suretha - doctor and HIV prevention
  • Johannes - leadership adventure camps

The principal said "the sooner you get started the better" and asked us to attend their staff meeting next week to make a presentation to their entire staff.

We are so excited! We can't wait to start mentoring and discipling high school kids in this township.



March 19, 2010

Jensen comes with us to visit friends in Ocean View!

They shared some candy with her and she gave the girl in the red shirt her bracelet.

See photos...



March 24, 2010

We made a presentation today to the school staff and feel it went well!

During the first half of our presentation, we interviewed the staff - asking questions using the SPIN technique.

        • SITUATION: In one sentence, please give us an overview of Ocean View High School.
        • PROBLEMS: What challenges are you currently facing in the school? Let’s prioritize these challenges.
          • What are the implications if these challenges are not addressed?
          • What are the implications if these challenges are addressed?
        • NEEDS: What needs to be done in order to create a positive outcome?

I think they were surprised we were asking questions!

Then we presented these ideas for their review.

        • Adventure Camp for Student Council (Prefects)
        • Life Skills Workshop
        • Teacher Support
        • Illiteracy Support
        • Soccer Coaching
        • Class on "Amazing Women"

      We will touch base with the principal in a few weeks to find out which ideas they selected and want us to implement. It will be so great to connect with kids and build relationships with the staff!

    See photos of Ocean View High...


March 25, 2010

Met with Casey Prince, founder of Ubuntu Sports, today and was impressed with their thoughts on mentoring coaches from the local churches/communities and long-term investment in the children.

Casey and his wife Sara live in Ocean View with their 18 month old daughter.

Sara is a pastor at Ocean View's Methodist church, and she works with small groups of women, focusing on support and honesty about domestic abuse.



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