We rely 100% on monthly giving and one-time donations to sustain ministry and living costs in South Africa.

We are asking you to consider joining our friends and family in supporting us financially (to enable us to use soccer to raise up young African leaders and life-skills to empower mothers in crisis).

Charitable giving to the Ostrands is Tax Deductible!


How is your money being invested?

When you give toward our living and ministry expenses it allows us to... in South Africa and spend our time using sports and creative programs to help people discover how much God loves them and wants to change their life.

This includes...

  • Discipling through Discovery Bible Studies
  • Coaching and mentoring boys through soccer
  • Teaching desperate mothers how to find work and provide for their family
  • Building relationships with at-risk high school girls
  • Training African men how to become excellent soccer coaches and inspire youth

Join our financial support team with a one-time gift or monthly support and be a part of the exciting things God is doing in South Africa!





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