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ANSWERED PRAYER: February 21, 2012:

We recieved some donations from back home that completely covered the cost of new beds and the truck repairs! We are so excited that we no longer have any bug bites and our truck is running smoothly. Thank you for lifting us up to a God who hears and cares about our every need!

PRAYER REQUEST: January 31, 2012

The bugs are back! Are they bed bugs? Sand fleas? Dust mites? They find us in our bed and cause horrific itching that lasts for weeks! We have finally decided to get rid of the used mattresses we bought last year - but new beds will cost around $750 in unexpected expenses.

The truck needs repairs! We found out yesterday that our truck needs new brakes, shocks and a cornucopia of other repairs in order to pass South African road inspection. Another $600 in outgoing costs we did not expect right now.

Please pray: We have budgeted carefully but this will wipe out our financial buffer. Would you please pray with us that God will provide? We know he sees our needs and always answers prayer!


Inner Prayer Circle


Weekly 5 Minute Group Prayer

We are looking for individuals who are willing to be in our "inner prayer circle." You will get an email once or twice a month, with specific prayer requests. Join our "Inner Prayer Circle" We are desperately looking for small groups to commit to praying for us once a week for 5 minutes. Commit your group to praying for us 5 minutes a week

Current prayer needs




10/11/2010: Answered prayer update

You’ve been praying for our ongoing personal needs (we’ve had these requests for the girls for over a year), and we wanted to give you a quick update on some recent developments.

    Walking (children with Down syndrome develop at a different pace...but we would love to see her walking all by herself - She'll be 4 years old in April)

    • We ordered custom foot braces for Emme last week (to help strengthen her low muscle tone to help with walking) – but before the braces have even come she took 30 steps BY HERSELF last night! Amazing! Up till now she has only done a few steps unassisted.

    Her heart would be drawn to the Lord, even at a young age

    • Tonight Jensen told Julie she decided she to ask Jesus into her heart yesterday. We’ve been talking for a while about how this is a big decision and that it means Jesus is the boss now – not Jensen. We encouraged her to think very carefully about this before deciding what to do. She was adamant tonight that she was ready to make this decision.

    Wisdom and vision for new soccer ministry (All Nations Football Club) starting in 2012

    • Karl met with Floyd McClung (the director of our organization) today, and he is very excited about moving forward with this new soccer ministry headed by Karl (this will include monthly soccer festivals for about 200 kids with Bible studies /also much needed coaching certification for African men on-fire for the Lord and passionate about kids and soccer).

      Note: This is so exciting, as the community center in Ocean View, although currently scheduled to be built in 2012, is taking longer to be finalized than we hoped. This new soccer ministry can be started without the community center and can easily be moved to that facility once the community center is ready.

    Wisdom and vision for new businesses in 2012

    • Many of you prayed for Julie about this last month. Julie and Karl feel that with the new baby coming in March, this is not the time for her to be starting new businesses (although she will still be involved with Baby Safe, Discovery Bible Studies, discipleship and perhaps some less time-intensive job skills programs).

Thanks again for your ongoing prayer support – it truly affects our lifes daily!

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