Pray - Answered prayer in 2010 and 2011

As we look back over our time in Africa, we just want to say what a blessing you have been praying for us! It has made a huge difference.

For many of these items – there was NO breakthrough until you started praying. Your prayers have made EVERY difference in our lives here in Africa!

Here are some prayers that have been answered because YOU sought the Lord for us…

  1. Protection in Ocean View
  2. Claudine’s baby recovered from measles
  3. Found the right home
  4. Bought a car (after much looking)
  5. Ocean View Bible studies continued
  6. Julie's dad’s health much improved (canker sores, fever and overall health)
  7. Our family’s health has been good for over a month now
  8. We had 14 people attend the last Sisterhood of Success meeting
  9. Protection of our home from theft and break-ins in our neighborhood
  10. Bug infestation gone (Jensen and I had sever itching that took weeks to go away)
  11. Violence and Robbery in Masiphumelele - Gloria was protected and many of Alli's stolen things were recovered
  12. Karl's back pain - much improved






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