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September 28 - Siya: We Didn't Pick Him (He Picked Us)

Karl says...

As a coach, surprises aren't always welcome events. Losing 7 players before you go to regionals, a player gets suspended from school and can't play (my rule, not theirs), kids forget to tell me until 5 minutes before training they have already left town on vacation....and so on.

But I've been blessed with more good surprises than bad ones as a coach. This year's surprise was Siyabonga. "Siya" played for my U15 side this year. 

Three years ago, many of Siya's friends were picked for the Ubuntu Academy. He went to school with them because his mother worked at the school. Since he loved soccer, he asked if he could train with the academy boys.

We didn't pick him...he picked us.

We said yes, and Siya has been around ever since.

As a coaching staff, we knew that Siya would be in the bottom third of our players talent wise on the U15 team. Honestly, we just hoped he wouldn't make any mistakes serious enough to really hurt the team.

But when training began, a few things stood out to me. Nobody has trained harder, listened to instruction more, sacrificed everything for the team and laid it all out there on the pitch when he got his chances.

He is one of the few kids in ALL the kids I have ever coached over the past 12 years that has continually approached me and asked for feedback on how to be a better player.

Half way through the season, Siya earned his way into the starting line-up. Instead of coming off the bench, he became a key contributor and leader on the team. 

Siya is also one the core group of boys that has never missed our DBS bible studies. He shows up faithfully and enters into the discussions with a desire to learn more.

He always has a smile on his face and is a joy to be around. I want to be more like Siya...never settling for what others expect but surprising them with what I can achieve.



September 14 – All Nations Leadership Retreat

Special commissioning day at All Nations!! Floyd and Sally McClung pass the torch of leading All Nations Cape Town to Neil and Mandi Hart. Incredible to witness the process of a World Class Leader selecting, supporting and stepping aside for his successor.

Comissioning prayer for the Hart Family. So excited to see where the Lord will take us with the Harts leading All Nations.

Floyd McClung - one of the few leaders
who the more you know ...the better he gets!


September 10 - Wall Stenciling

First wall stencil project! Blue damasks on our blah white kitchen wall (thanks for the help husband is so grateful I recruited you and not him). 

I can't help but think...should this be a business??


September 3 - Ooo la la! Fabulousness is on it's way!

Love my "Motherhood is Beautiful" partner Marina van der Byl! Today we designed our new home decor product line.

 Sneak Peak - Get ready for some super fun pillows and bunting in
8 amazing color schemes (by top South African designers.)

You will love all the new colors and patterns!



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