Journal - August 2012


August 31 - Emme's Joy

We just noticed in this photo how much JOY Emme has at the foot of the cross. Here she is singing in her school program today.


August 28 - Dedicating Adi

It was great to have Papa Floyd dedicate Adison Rose today. She couldn't stop looking at him and smiling the whole time!


August 22 - Sewing and Reaping

Popping into the sewing class unexpectedly, I found the women holding hands in a circle...praying loudly for each other. I must admit...I wanted to weep!

They were DOING it...THEY were!

They were sewing the most breath-taking bunting (decorative banner flags to hang in your home)...but even more exciting is how they were discovering God together (as they pressed their fabric...they prayed, read the Bible and challenged each other to press into God's grace and will).

I can't wait to see them reap joy overflowing!

That's right Husker fans...we even have some bunting for you to hang during your next Go Big Red party

Or pink for a birthday party or baby girl's room



August 19 - First Soccer Coaches Education Course

We are so excited to be mentoring African men through sports!

It truly is a privilege to watch young African men start to step into their destiny to become examples to their community, inspire kids with hope for a better future, and use soccer to make a real difference now in the lives of kids.

What makes this course different? Teaching the basic principles of soccer, we introduce the topic of mentoring through sports by teaching a biblical principal that relates to the game (sharing, character, hard work, etc.).

Each participant received a course manual, a soccer ball and t-shirt. Boys from the local townships came out the last day to assist the coaches as they demonstrated what they had learned with an abbreviated coaching session.

We are excited for the opportunity to train up young coaches who will invest in the lives of those they mentor!


August 11 - It's Like Riding a Bike

Cool ocean breeze, hot African sun and one 6 year old's daddy patiently teaching her how to ride a bike!



August 8 - Motherhood is Beautiful off to a Good Start

Motherhood is Beautiful is off to an amazing start! Women are being trained and discipled….and loving every second of it!

SEWING: The women are supposed to just be learning how to sew a straight line…but it’s the second day of sewing class and they all decided to sew Bible and Cell Phone Bags. Amazing creativity already! Such a fun group of women!

HEALTH: Our volunteer nurse met with them yesterday, and the women were so blessed to be able to discuss some concerning health issues they have noticed with their children. The nurse had some great practical advice. Claudine said, "I feel like she really listened and took the time to explain things so that I could actually understand."

NUTRITION: We have a volunteer passionate about meal planning and nutrition. She met with them and showed them how to make a very simple, inexpensive snack for their children…fresh apple slices with cinnamon. They loved it!

Here is a photo of Claudine (holding the Bible Bag she sewed from
donated scrap material on the second day of sewing class - she's amazing!).



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