Journal - March 2012



March 30 - My Girls Meet My Girl

Julie was so excited to have her Ocean View high school girls group meet Adi Rose! They bonded immediately and Adi was thrilled to have more fabulous Aunts to love.

We talked about our plan to focus this year on "Working through the Past" and "Planning for the Future."

  • THE PAST: Julie explained how we all have things in our past that affect our ability to move forward. The girls will be meeting with Julie next week to work through Fresh Start.
  • THE FUTURE: Many of the girls are seniors in high school and they are busy studying for exams and making plans for their future. Julie will help with goal setting to further their education or start a career based on their passions.



March 19 - The Yellow House

Baby Safe, the organization Julie volunteers with, is excited to have a physical presence in Ocean View with the rental of a new property called the “Yellow House.”

Situated in a key area infused with community life, we are humbled at the opportunity to have some of our Baby Safe team members living in this house.

Partnering with the Police Department and other non-profit organizations, we are also able to serve the community with...

    • a private area for counselling,
    • a toy library for mothers to bring their children for quality time together,
    • a place to invite the community to join us in fervent prayer for Ocean View

Daily we are challenged with our desire that He may increase and we may decrease…as we seek new ways to love Ocean View in a deeper, more transparent way.


Check out the New Baby Safe web site!



March 24 - Meet the New Soccer Moms

We love it! Meet the our soccer moms (photo above). We are so thrilled to see these moms show their love and support by attending their son's soccer tournament.

Karl took Jensen to the tournament (who enjoyed every second of fun), and the Ubuntu boys came in second place, only losing in the final.

This is an amazing accomplishment, as they upset two of Cape Town's elite teams. For soccer junkies, here is a play-by-play of the tournament.

Here are Karl's observations on some key differences between this tournament and the average American youth soccer tournment

  • Opening ceremony included a marching band (see photo)
  • They stopped and took a lunch break (where no games were played)
  • Awards are given to the "Player of the Tournament" who received cash money (R200 - which is about $30 - very likely more than his mother earned at her job that day) - awarded to Wara (one of our Ubuntu players)
  • Our team, having won second place, was also awarded money (R400 - about $60)



March 12 - Adison Rose Arrives

We had a Caesar in the Theater (South African for having a C-section in the operating room) at Kingsbury Hospital in Cape Town.

We are proud to welcome Adison Rose (Adi Rose) - a healthy 6lb, 8oz (2.98 kilos) baby girl at 2:11 pm on March 12, 2012!

We're overcome with gratitude for God's incredible blessing!

Check out photos of the birth, hosptial stay, and first days home.










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