Journal - May 2012


May 30 - Soccer Brings Hope to Prisoners

Today Karl and the ORU team visited Drakenstein Prison and the Abassadors in Sport "Hope Academy" there.

This incredible ministry serves juvenile prisoners by offering them hope through soccer! The program has been so effective, they are becoming the model for successful prison rehabilitation in South Africa.

In fact, this year the Hope Academy project received recognition from the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund (NMCF) for developing Best Practice in the area of utilising sport for community development. Read article...

Karl says, "We toured the prison, met the prisoners and saw where they lived. It was amazing to hear some of their testimonies about how God has changed their life and used soccer as an avenue to bring lasting hope and change through Jesus. It was truly an incredible day that had a deep impact on all of us!"

After the tour, the ORU team played a friendly match against the Hope Academy team (prisoners won!). See photos...


About the Hope Academy

When launched it became the first prison soccer academy in South African history. South African prisons are rife with gangs and learning centres for crime.

The Academy attracts and recruits the top juvenile soccer players from prisons around the Western Cape of South Africa. Each player is required to abide by the Academy code of conduct which includes no gangs and going to school.

These players are transfered and housed in one communal cell through the Academy season. Before entering the academy, many of these young men are caught up in prison gangs, come from disadvantaged backgrounds, are uneducated and have little hope in life. The Academy has restored hope in so many of these young men.

They are proud to say that many of their graduates have gone on to live crime free lives, return to school or college, find employment, play on soccer teams and become responsible citizens in society. Get more info on the Hope Academy...


May 29 - Why Do I Complain?

I am so incredibly proud of Claudine! We have been friends for over 2 years now and I have learned so much from her.

Tonight over dinner she told me, "These are the shoes I bought for my children with the job God provided...with the money God provided. Why do I complain? He provides. Why do I want what other people have when there are people with friends? If I want to complain I will ask God what to do. Obviously He will say, "Pray!"

I love this woman!

She said, "Julie, I have been trying to stop gossiping for a few years now, but it is time God closed that door!"

Claudine graduated with honors from our Sisterhood of Success program.
She immediately landed a job that she still has today...a year later!
Here are the shoes she bought with her hard-earned money.

We have decided we have much to be grateful for and should not complain or gossip. There should be no room for this in our lives!

Together we are going to do a Negativity Fast for one week - checking with each other every day to see how we are doing. Read blog

When Jensen overheard this she said, "What's negativity?" I told her, "Complaining, whining, or saying something bad about someone."

Claudine and I will choose to "lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us..." (Hebrews 12:1)

After all...what weighs us down more than negativity, sharp words and gossip? Together we say "NO MORE!" to this sin which clings so closely.

Want to try it? Pick a friend to join you and start today!

Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds! (Hebrews 10:24).



May 27 - The Boy Who Shared

Our second Soccer Festival reached even more children...175 kids enjoyed the fun!

We had a great time playing soccer, feeding the children and teaching them about Jesus and sharing.

They learned about a boy just like them - who shared his 2 little fish and five loaves of bread with Jesus...who miraculously used these small things to feed 5,000 people. God does big things when we are able to give Him even the small things in our life.

Sharing is also important in soccer - we taught the kids how to "share" the ball with passing.

PHOTO: Our friend Mark is sharing his life with this 8 year old boy who has a severe disability (he cannot walk so Mark carried him all around the soccer festival today).

Mark said, "This little boy had a great time watching his brother play soccer and listening to Bible stories! We are enjoying showing his family the love God showed us through Jesus."

See Soccer Festival photos...




Learning with Lots of Laughter

Oral Storytelling with a method called "Living Statues" is magical to watch!

During our soccer festival here in South Africa today, with much fun and laughter, these children made up their own actions and memorized the story of "The Boy Who Shared" (adapted from John 6)...

1) Many of people were following Jesus.
2) The people were hungry.
3) Jesus asked, “How can we feed the people?”
4) Phillip said, “It will cost R20,000 to feed them all.”
5) Andrew said…”Here is a boy with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. “
6) It’s not enough!
7) The boy shared his 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes with Jesus.
8) Jesus thanked God for the food.
9) Suddenly there was enough food for everyone!

Here's how it works: The children went around in a circle, each taking turns making up actions for one of the sentences above. Each time they would repeat all of the previous story and actions learned up until that point. At the end everyone knew the whole story with actions by heart...and had the time of their life!

May 17 - The Divas Make Big Plans

Some of Julie's Ocean View girls ("The Divas") are seniors this year, and she is encouraging them to think a lot about their future.

If you don't make a's easy to end up pregnant, unemployed, or on drugs and stuck in Ocean View for the rest of your life.

We have been talking about dreams and the girls have made big plans! Some want to be a dermatologist, marine biologist and travel agent.

I am so proud of them for seeing past their circumstances to a bright future!




May 8 - Bring Your Sports Team to Africa

Want to make a difference with your sports team? You can bring your team to Africa and touch many lives!

Recently,we have been blessed to have a short-term team come to us at All Nations from Oral Roberts University.

They are a bunch of sold-out soccer players who love Jesus and want to see His kingdom brought to the poor and broken hearted. They have unbelievable servant hearts and are helping us in Ocean View and Masi with soccer outreach.

Karl is connecting them to...

  • local soccer teams in Ocean View and Masi,
  • the Ubuntu Football Forward soccer program,
  • Karl's Ubuntu soccer team,
  • ministry to Vulnerable Children through sports,
  • a prison team,
  • monthly soccer festival
We are blessed by them and so honored to have them here in South Africa!

If you have a group of people interested in reaching Africa through sports...please contact Karl!


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