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June 28 - On Mission (with Family) - Update on Karl's Mom

Joy, Joy, Joy!

Karl’s mother received a good report on her chemo treatments.

The treatment was successful in slowing down the cancer, and we are so thankful for God's goodness. The doctor said this was the best possible result that could be hoped for from this type of treatment.

She has begun a hormone therapy treatment and will know more about it's success in further slowing down the cancer in 10 weeks.

Because of the success of her cancer treatments so far, we have decided to return to Africa towards the end of the year.

We are praying about returning to Africa either at the end of October of after Christmas (will keep you posted on what we decide).

Over the next few months we will be...

  • JOY: Continuing to bring the joy of grandchildren to Karl’s mother
  • SOCCER: Karl will be coaching his former soccer team
  • BUSINESS: Julie will be promoting Motherhood is Beautiful Isaiah 61 Bracelets to empower moms in Africa and volunteering at Omaha’s Hope Center Employability Center

Added Bonus for Emme's development...Staying in America for part of the 2013 school year will give Emme an extra boost in her development, as she can recieve needed input from special education teachers in the public school system in Omaha.

We hope to be able to connect with all of you before we head back to Africa later this year! Contact us if you'd like to get together.


June 23 - On Mission (in sports)

Karl surprises his former Omaha FC soccer team by coming to watch state finals.


Karl is so excited to start coaching his former Omaha FC team this fall before we head back to Africa in October.

This is unexpected and amazing opportunity, as some of these boys he has coached since they were 8 years old!

When the current coach recently stepped down, the club asked Karl if he would be available to coach his former team this fall.

With a passion to mentor young men, he feels it is such a huge honor to coach these U18 players for their last season of club soccer.

Today we headed to Des Moines to watch the team play at the US Youth Soccer Regional Championships.

It was fun for Julie and Jensen to be back on the side-lines, cheering on the team (just like old times)!



June 15 - On Mission (raising girls)

Oh how we love these precious daughters! What's new with the 3 Ostrand Girls?


Adison Rose is strongly considering walking. At 15 months, she's not totally convinced it's a necessity - and why would she? We (her personal slave force) are apparently happy to carry her around. She'll get to it when she gets to it!

Video (15 sec) of Adi Walking

Emerson is thrilled her swinging rings have resurfaced in America.

Along with Jensen, Emme will be attending Rohwer Elementary for the first part of the upcoming school year. This school has incredible resources for children with special needs and will give her development the perfect boost!

Video (10 sec) of Emme twirling on rings

Jensen is turning 7 years old this month and spends most of her days gardening, cooking and swimming with her grandparents.

She enjoyed going to Mimi's last chemo treatment a few weeks ago and went around to every patient and offered beverages. The patients loved the first-class service!




June 9 - On Mission (in business) - Isaiah 61 Bracelet


Even from America, Julie is still involved with Motherhood is Beautiful.

She designed these beautiful Isaiah 61 bracelets, and mothers in Africa are assembling them now to help support their children!

NEW PRODUCT: This is a new product from Hope-tions (pronounced "hope-shuns" - which stands for "hope + options") - a division of Baby Safe.

Empower a struggling mom - Buy a bracelet today ($24) - online ordering or mail a check



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