Journal - September 2012

September 21st - Launched our new micro-sewing business - Hope-tions

When you purchase Hope-tion (Hope plus Options) products, you are immediately bringing HOPE for a better life and OPTIONS for transformation to disadvantaged mothers in South Africa! Read more about our Etsy shop...

Two ways to order our very festive Hope-tion Bunting:

1. Stop in at our shop located at the Living Way campus (between Fish Hoek and to Masiphumelele)

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9 am - 1 pm
  • See all 12 of our bunting designs and have fun mixing and matching our interchangeable felt shapes
  • Meet the amazing women who sew the bunting and hear their story

2. Order online at Etsy (international shipping is only $5 - arrives in 7-10 working days)




Story of Shocking Transformation!

Meet Claudine...our Motherhood is Beautiful leader in Ocean View and Seamstress

Claudine's Story: Whenever Claudine is asked to share her story, she talks about how she fell pregnant at 14 years old and dropped out of school. Overwhelmed with the challenges of life, she became addicted to drugs (tik..crystal meth) and no longer wanted to live.

Ignoring her young children as she was lying on her bed, not moving for days, she told God, “If you are me!” He reached out to her with hope and used her tiny speck of faith to move mountains. She got off of drugs cold turkey and today she is a different person!

She enthusiastically joined Motherhood is Beautiful in August and learned how to sew beautiful bunting in a flash! She is now on our sales team and is working hard to create eye-catching bunting that anyone would be proud to hang in their home.

When you purchase Hope-tion bunting, you are immediately bringing HOPE for a better life and OPTIONS for transformation to disadvantaged mothers in South Africa!



Hope-tion Bunting is a unique product...

...with shapes that you can button on to celebrate multiple holidays, events, or match your room decore with one bunting (using our one-of-a-kind, button-on-&-off felt shapes)!



Featured September product - Pumpkin Harvest Bunting

Celebrate multiple holidays or events with one eco-friendly bunting (using our unique, removable button-on-&-off felt shapes)!

$33 - Harvest bunting called “Celebrate in Black” is perfect as a fall, harvest or Halloween decoration! It can also be used to celebrate New Years Eve, Winter, Birthdays or customized to match your home’s theme and color scheme.

Mix and match…just unbutton the felt shapes and button-on new felt shapes (felt shapes come in a packet of 3 shapes) to celebrate a different holiday or event.

Button on felt shapes you can mix and match!

Felt pumpkins, Red N's (for Nebraska football lovers), green birds, blue hearts, or gray sharks for a Boys room, etc.



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