Journal - February 2012

February 25 - Fallen Pregnant Party

Julie had a Fallen Pregnant Party tonight (aka Baby Shower) with all her nearest and dearest friends here in Africa.

Everyone so generously gave money to go toward a baby swing - an absolute essential that we couldn't quite squeeze into a suitcase.

Wanting to make it "Julie Style"...

    • friends came dressed up fancyyyyyyyyyy in black and white
    • appetizers and desserts were served (Julie's all time favorite - a main course is so overrated)
    • everyone created fun onsies (out of buttons and ribbons)
    • each girl wrote a prayer for the baby (and later gathered in a circle to pray for Julie and the baby)
Thank you friends for such a fabulous night!




February 21 - Thank You Omaha FC

We want to thank Omaha FC for donating these top-of-the line portable soccer goals for our work with under-resourced children in South Africa.

Karl Ostrand, a former Director of Operations and coach for Omaha FC, will be using the goals...

      • during his coaching sessions for his U15 Ubuntu soccer players (select soccer players from local townships)
      • to help train African coaches and mentors
      • for monthly soccer festivals for under-resourced children from local townships

    Interesting Fact: The first day the goals were used here in Africa was for a golf fundraiser for Ubuntu Football Trust. Guests could buy raffle tickets and take a penalty shot against an Ubuntu goalkeeper. One of the golfers who took a shot was Nicola Caricola (who played in Italy for Juventus, Genoa, and in the inaugural year of the MLS with the NY Metrostars).

    Background Info: Karl and Julie volunteer with All Nations, a non-profit organization, with a focus on church planting, AIDS prevention, job traing, care for abandoned children, and many other ways to serve the community and townships of South Africa. More about Karl and Julie...


February 17 - Mentoring Matters


Julie met with her girls today and is excited to continue after-school mentoring with her Fabulous Ocean View high school girls!

What will we be doing?

In the past we have done a Film Club and Dance Clases...this year Julie will be walking the girls through Fresh Start (a program that helps young people become free from the effects of offense, hurt, and loss through the transforming power of forgiveness and freedom in Christ).

Why after school?

Studies show that from 3-6 p.m. juveniles are most likely to smoke, drink, be in a car crash, use drugs, and participate in criminal behavior. 40% of all juvenile crimes are committed from 3-6 p.m. and teens that are unsupervised after school are 37% more likely to become teen parents.*

Why does mentoring matter?

Research shows that youth ages 10-16 who have a relationship with a mentor are 46% less likely to start using drugs and 27% less likely to start drinking alcohol. Students in after-school programs exhibit fewer behavioral problems, better ability to handle conflicts and improved self-confidence.*

*Source: Hope Center



February 18 - Straight From America to Africa

Last Christmas one of Julie's friends in America decided she wanted to help her children experience the importance of making a difference in the life of someone and asked Julie how she could help.

The Opportunity:

We thought of Gloria! She is a young mother (of two) who graduated our Sisterhood of Success program who has been living in a crowded shack in a unhealthy environment.

The Blessing:

Through the help of this sponsor and Baby Safe, Gloria was able to find and move into a well-built shack in a safe area. The donor covered her first three months of rent and needed supplies, while Gloria pursues more days of work.

The Sponsor Said:

"So pleased to be in a place to help someone who needs a boost...and be reminded how blessed myself and my loved ones are...looking forward to prayerfully supporting her as well...and watch God bless her thing i did all year."

Thank you for helping her get back on her feet!


February 17 - The Pseudo Karls

We celebrated Karl's birthday today with friends and were quite amused when the boys raided his closet and came out as Karl Impersonators - complete with soccer jacket and baseball cap.

Personally, Julie thinks, "What could be better than more Karl Ostrands?!" (although she did mistake a few people for her husband throughout the party).

"Oh! You're NOT Karl - sorry about that!"





February 9 - The Guy Matt Damon Played In that One Movie

We had the priviledge of attending a Golf Day fundraiser for the organization Karl coaches with - Ubuntu Football.

Guests included...

  • François Pienaar (South African Rugby captain during the 1995 World Cup victory - played by Matt Damon in the movie Invictus)
  • Nicola Caricola (former soccer player for Italy for Juventus, Genoa/ played in the inaugural year of the MLS with the NY Metrostars)
  • Graeme Smith (SA Cricket Captain) and his teammate Jacque Kallis
  • Bryan Habana (Stormers & South African Rugby player)
Ubuntu players with SA Cricket Legend Jacque Kallis
Coach Treswell and Coach Karl with François Pienaar
(kinda like Matt Damon)

Money was raised for the Ubuntu Soccer Program - A Wholistic Approach:

Ubuntu Football provides an intensive football mentorship program to equip talented players from local communities for a transformed future!

This involves...

  • building a residence for our trainees
  • providing proper nutrition
  • offering education (partnering with Silvermine Academy – a leading local high-school)
  • and the best possible coaching and mentorship for each boy both on and off the field

Our goal is to produce footballers who excel at the highest level of international football, and who are also men of exceptional character.

See more about Karl's work with soccer...





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