Journal - October 2012


October 30 - Hope-tions Launches New Product - Baby Onesies Now for Sale

When you purchase Hope-tions (Hope + Options) onesies, you are immediately bringing HOPE for a better life and OPTIONS for transformation to disadvantaged mothers in South Africa!

Buy onesies for that sweet baby in your life (great shower gifts, hospital visit presents and or Christmas fun).

International shipping is only $5 - arrives in 7-10 working days

TYPE: White onesies (long or short sleeves)

SIZE: 0-18 months

PRICE: $12.50 online ($10/R85 locally) - Only $5 to ship internationally (arrives in 7-10 days)

DESIGN: These shapes come in many gorgeous fabrics!
  • Africa
  • Star
  • Bird
  • Butterfly
  • Cup cake
  • Ice cream cone



October 27 – Ubuntu Boys Invited to Prestigious Tournament

It was an honor to have Karl’s team invited to play in one of the top tournaments in Cape Town!

Most of the boys on his team were a year (some two years) younger than their opposition.

The boys finished with a record of 1 win, 1 tie, and 2 losses.

It was a great learning experience for them as they competed against the big boys.




VIDEO: Soccer boys have a "dance off" African style
during their warm-up. This is why we love Africa!!



October 25 – Fight Night

Karl attended Ubuntu’s annual fundraiser! Boys only – boxing and dinner.

Such a great way to raise awareness for how soccer and God can change a kid’s life.

Ubuntu uses soccer to help kids become the leaders and community-transformers by receiving holistic, long-term mentorship and education that their communities often do not provide.


October 24 – Julie turns 39

Julie sums up this milestone...

Over the hill or on the mountain?
I am now in the fountain.
Joy is here, it's never there.
The grass is green EVERYWHERE!




October 23 – Reached $1000 in bunting sales

Our new micro-business just reached the $1,000 mark in bunting sales! Thanks to everyone who has purchased a Hope-tions banner and empowered a struggling mother!

In is our new birthday "Diamonds and Beads" bunting design!

Check out all our cool bunting designs!


October 21 - It’s a Major Award

Karl was so proud of his soccer team, who took first place in their league this year!

They finished with a record of 14 wins, 1 tie and 1 loss. They were awarded medals at the club end of year celebration.

As Karl shook their hand, he realized for many kids, this was the first time in their life they had won anything. Their faces were priceless as they walked around with the medals hanging around their necks.


October 15 – What do you do with bunting?

Three great ways to use bunting to celebrate life!

1. Celebrate holidays and birthdays!

Use this as a fun eco-friendly holiday decoration for years to come! Save money on throw-away decorations.

ON SALE! Celebrate 5 Holidays with 1 Bunting (get 15% off now)

  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • Valentine’s Day
  • 4th of July
  • Birthday

See all our cool bunting designs!

Read a story of transformation (meet Claudine)

2. Decorate a child’s room



3. Say “THIS is a special day"

Display in your home to acknowledge special milestones, accomplishments and events:

  • new baby born,
  • welcome house guests,
  • job promotion,
  • anniversary,
  • child has a special accomplishment

Check out 3 cool "Bandana" bunting designs"




October 11 - Team arrives from our home church

We loved having a team here from our home church Emmanuel Fellowship!

Pastor Mike and Sharon helped us in so many ways...encouraging our hearts, caring for our kids, and coming along side us as we walk through all the exciting things God is doing in SA!

Aaron McGee is an AWESOME photographer who took amazing photos of the Hope-tion products, Karl's soccer ministry and the beauty of South Africa. We are so grateful for him!

Ben amazed us with his passion for Africa, relationships and engaging with community. He is a very busy business owner who took time to let Africa steal his heart! So sad to see these guys go!


The team visits the "Hope-tions" workshop and display room.

Hope-tion (hope + options) products are sewn by mothers participating in our Motherhood is Beautiful program
(a holistic program that incorporates health, nutrition, performing arts - with micro-business and spiritual transformation).


The boys couldn’t take their eyes of Pastor Mike, as he
shared a riveting story about Samuel hearing the voice of God.

The "baby safe" where abandoned babies can be safely dropped
(instead of being dumped in a garbage heap or left in a ditch)

See More photos!!


October 1 - Karl is in US for 10 Days

Through the generous help of some of our supporters, Karl returned to the east coast (Virginia Beach) area where he grew up for his 20 year high school reunion.

We can’t believe we are old enough to have a 20 year high school reunion? We thought this is what happened to OTHER people

So great to connect with friends and family there!

Salem 20 Year High School Reunion (Class of 1992) Julie wasn't really there. She wishes she was!

Loved seeing many friends!


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