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View from Chapman's Peak

Ocean View is about a 10 minute drive from our location at All Nations. There are 6 of us with All Nations on the Ocean View team (other students from All Nations were assigned to the Masiphumelele team)


May 4th - A Tough Day

ClaudinePitbull Hurts Baby:

Yesterday Claudine, a woman Julie is disciplining in Ocean View, saw a pitbull grab her neighbor’s 9 month old baby by the face, yank her out of her stroller and shake her uncontrollably.

A man, uninhibited from the drugs he was on, pried open the pitbull's mouth and pulled the baby away. Her face unrecognizable, the baby was rushed to the hospital and was said to have died. We later found out the baby lived but is in the Intensive Care Unit and will need to have reconstructive surgery.

Please pray for Claudine and the mother of the baby, traumatized by witnessing such a horrible event, and the baby's recovery. We are seeking ways to bring encouragement and hope to this family.

Friend Dies:

Steve and Daria (our team leaders) have been holding weekly Bible Studies with a couple in Ocean View.

Today when Steve and Daria arrived for their scheduled meeting, they found out the husband died on Sunday night. It's not clear if it was a suicide or murder. Please pray for this family and Steve and Daria, as they seek wisdom for this situation.

May 6th - Teaching "Self Worth" at the High School

This week Karl and Julie taught the 10th Grade Life Orientation class at Ocean View High. Teaching the same lesson to 6 different classes of 10th graders, we were able to meet most of the 10th graders at the school!

We spoke on the topic of “self worth,” and it was an incredible experience!

Ocean View High Life Orientation ClassHere is the lesson we created:

GROUP QUESTION: What is self-worth?
Answer: Your own opinion of yourself and your worth

DISCUSSION: If an Alien were to watch the people of Ocean View for a week - what would they think is important to you (money, looks, job, age, health, etc?)

  • Vote for the items you think are important on that list.
  • Discuss whether you think a person's value changes if they get a job, loose a job, have a nice car or lose their money.
  • Do you think we are all equal?
  • Are people worth the same?

ACTIVITY: Don't Take Away My Traits!

  • Ask students to rip a piece of paper into 8 strips. On each piece of paper write a word or phrase that describes themselves.
  • Now give up one trait. How does the lack of that affect you? Now give up another. Give up three. Give up four.
  • Now what kind of person are you?
  • After giving up four of the qualities, we have students regain the traits one by one.

There was GREAT tension as students decided which traits to give up. When asked how they felt about giving up their characteristics, they said “Empty, Lost, Bad…” There was one girl who studied her traits in horror - not able to give up one.

We told them that no one can take away these traits from you. You alone have the power to keep these qualities.

ASSIGNMENT: 5 Ways to Enhance Self-worth:

  1. Spend time with people who like you and care about you.
    • Write the name of one person who cares about you that you should spend more time with.
  2. Ignore (and stay away from) people who put you down or treat you badly.
    • Write down the name of one person who is a bad influence you should avoid.
  3. Develop your talents.
    • Write down one of your talents.
    • Also write down a talent of someone else and take some time this week to compliment them on that talent.

      When we asked for them to share their talents they said...drummer, singer, rapper, trumpeter, actress, soccer player, artist. Kids in Ocean View have the same dreams as kids in America.

  4. Set goals and work to achieve them.
    • Write down one thing you know you have been doing wrong that you would like to change..
  5. Always do what you believe is right.
    • Write down one of your goals (finishing the 10th grade, not getting pregnant, graduating from high school, going to college, getting through the day, etc.)

The bottom line - is that we tried to use techniques in a public school setting to communicate that these kids are made in the image of God - special and valuable in His eyes.

See the classroom photos...

    Strange Fact:

    At Ocean View High the kids have "guardians" instead of subsitute teachers.

    When their regular class teacher does not show up, the students are supposed to go find a fellow classmate who has been dubbed their guardian and sit in their guardian's class (assuming the guardian's teacher is there that day). If their guardian isn't there - they are supposed to go find their back-up guardian.


    I guess the idea is to have kids in A class (ANY class will do) - so that there is some level of supervision (although obviously not learning).

    Teacher truancy is a huge problem in South Africa. At the beginning of the first class of the day the loud speaker lists the names of the teachers that didn't show up that day.

    Go find your guardian.


May 12th - First Computer Class

First Computer Class - Ocean View LibraryWow! Today was exciting - we did our "Discovery Bible Study" with Colleen and Claudine and they invited a friend. Our topic was, based on the Bible, why do bad things happen? A very interesting study, as you can imagine (inspired by the pitbull incident).

Right after that in the same room, we had our FIRST computer class.

It was great! Simon (you may remember him - as Karl stayed with his family during his exploratory trip to Africa last summer), set up the computer station at the Ocean View Library.

To see these women create their OWN email account and send their FIRST email was incredible.We also showed them how to look for jobs on Gum Tree (the South African version of Craig's List).

They said, "Julie, we can't believe it. We thought it would be hard...but it was so easy!"

Right now we have two computers, but would like to collect old laps to set up a larger computer station to serve more people.



May 17th - Leadership Adventure Camp (Camp Vision)

Camp VisionLast weekend we held our two-night leadership adventure camp with the Ocean View High School prefects (student council members).

We kept them busy with games, teachings, small group discussions and adventure activities (obstacle course, problem solving outdoor events, etc.).

It was amazing!

The teachings incorporated many "wise sayings" from Proverbs, compelling video clips, and inspirational life lessons. During the last session we spoke openly about God’s love for them.

Here are some quotes from the evaluations the learners completed answering "What did you learn at this camp?":

“All my life I wanted to fit in – but now I know that I’m different and will make myself known to people all over the world…I will make a difference in Ocean View.” (Johannes did a talk on not fitting in, but standing out)

“I must learn to trust and be open with the Lord”

“You can do good stuff without anyone beating you down” (which is the crux of many Ocean View problems…you can’t paint your house in Ocean View without the neighbors accusing you of trying to be better than them.)

“I can keep believing that my life can be a success.”

“I learned how to uplift myself when I am surrounded with evil.”

“God gave you something that no one can take away from you.”

“On Sunday, the 16th of May I will never forget as I have finally given all I have to God.”

We grilled “bread on a stick” at the braai (literally dough on a stick you cook over a fire), Johannes did a “leap of death” from one tree branch to another (physical illustration of his talk on “jumping into life”), and seven kids made a decision during the last session to “seek after God.”

Yes – you heard that right – at a public school retreat!

We are blown away about what the Lord is doing with these kids and are excited about following up with them!

See Camp Vision photos...


The Amazing African Women Film SocietyMay 19th - The Amazing African Women Film Society

Fourteen girls attended Karl and Julie’s new after school club the “Amazing African Women Film Society.”

We bribed them with snacks to get them there – then each girl took a turn being the camera woman, acting as the interviewer and answering questions as the interviewee.

We showed them the video interviews at the end of class, and they were so excited to see themselves on film! Not one of them owns a camera, and we are doubtful they have ever seen a video of themselves.

Over the next few weeks we will be bringing in “Amazing African Women” guest speakers, giving the girls an opportunity to interview and film them.

In the end, we will show the girls how to make a movie of these “Amazing African Women.” We are thrilled to build relationships with these precious girls!



Interview Questions

We asked the girls to choose one of these questions to answer for their video interview:


1. Why were you given your particular name?
2. What is your favorite thing to do?
3. What is your favorite kind of music?
4. What is your dream?
5. What thing would you like to know more about?
6. What place would you like to visit?
7. What would you like to teach others about?
8. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
9. In five years, what will you be doing?
10. Where do you want to be with your life in ten years?


May 27th - Micro-loan Magic

Micro-loans are tiny business loans by western standards (so tiny a bank would never consider bothering with it), but large enough to make a big impact on the poor.

We met with Income Generation Project about their model for mico-loans in Khayelitsha (South Africa's second largest township).

Their average loan for a business is about $200 and is paid off within eight months. Businesses havea included hand bags, winter jackets, fruit and vegetable shop, spaza shops (general stores), photography, chickens, frozen meat, and beauty products.

Loan recipients (clients) work in a community group of at least five people of their choosing. They meet together weekly, attend business classes and receive training materials.

Loan payments are made every two weeks and group members must "cover each other" if someone in their group can't make a payment.

Based off of the Grameen Bank Model this methodology is very successful, and we are excited about adopting it here!


May 29th - Soccer Clinic

Today Karl helped organize a soccer clinic in the informal settlement of Red Hill with a YWAM (Youth With A Mission) team.

There were about 15 younger kids (U11+) and close to 15 older kids (U16+ boys) in attendance.

The YWAM team members were from Argentina, Canada and the US.

It was a beautiful day for soccer, life skills and sharing the love of God for these kids!

See soccer clinic photos...

View video...


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