Photos - Student Leadership High School Camp

Camp vision (the first Day)

We put on a two-night leadership adventure camp with the Ocean View High School prefects (student council members). Read journal entry...

the kids
arriving at camp
Julie put together the "welcome packet" and name tags
lovin' life
it's all good

Johannes (member of our All Nations team and camp director)
tells everyone to stand up and say your name, age and
one thing your mother doesn't know about you
meet Moses
an icebreaker game
more games
and the games keep going
instead of "rock, paper, scissors" we played
"carrot, rabbit, gun"
Jensen loves camp
3 teams competing
our room
settling in

Johannes and his girlfriend/wife-to-be cooking

we used two kitchens and
had to run food back-and-forth
spaghetti night

See more Camp Vision photos (the obstacle course)...

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