Journal - April 2014



April 26 - People in America Care About You

Karl says..."I love taking the kids to soccer games because we get to talk and laugh in the car. Here was the conversation in the car today...

Players, "Coach! You're always happy and laughing. Why aren't other people like that?"

Karl, "Well...I'm sure other people have a lot of pressure."

"Don't you have a lot of pressure?"

Karl, "Hmm...I guess I do. Everyone has pressure. I have a daughter with Down syndrome, my mother recently died and every month we rely on financial support of people in America to be able to be here in South Africa."

Players, "Sho! You don't get paid? People from America just send you money so you can help coach us?"

Karl, "Yes! Isn't that amazing? People in America care about you!"

Players, "Sho!"

They were blown away by this incredible realization. God cares and people care...deeply about THEM!



April 25 - African Brain Power


Julie loves strategic planning with this amazing group of African "Biznaries" (business-minded missionaries)...from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and South Africa.

Sneak Peak: For you business-types that get excited about strategy...see our All Nations' Business For Missions "SOAP" (Strategy on a Paper - aka "how to take over the world one business plan at a time").





Got 10 seconds? Bruce Chitambala is talking about how God calls each of us to open our hand
and use what God has already given us. Click here to see the 10 sec video...




April 4 - Emme Turns 6 Years Old

Can you believe it? She was 18 months when we came to Africa. Loved celebrating Emme's 6 years of life with our All Nations community...

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Emme. See video...

Emme and Nana dancing to her favorite song "10,000 Reasons". See video...

Birthday prayers for Emme! One of the boys prayed, "...that she has lots of friends and that they understand her and she understands them." Love how God hears children! See video...


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