Journal - April 2012



April 28 Soccer Spreading Into Africa

We attended the All Nations Leadership Retreat this weekend - a time for leaders from the southern part of Africa to share ideas, connect and give a report on progress and needs.

Karl showed the first All Nations Soccer Festival video and was invited to bring these Soccer Festivals into Africa... Zimbabwe, Zambia and further into South Africa (Limpopo and Port Elizabeth).

He can't wait!

Munya (from Zimbabwe) and Mike (from Zambia)
would like Karl to bring Soccer Festivals to their countries

April 18 Loving King Father

Julie says, “As a mother of a 5 year old, child with special needs and newborn – I am entering into a new phase of motherhood –with a greater emphasis on being at home with the girls. The Lord has been gently calling me to a life of fewer programs and more prayer."

I am so struck by the verse "'Come boldly to the throne of grace." Enthralled with our Loving King Father, I picture myself standing in the throne room of heaven, walking boldly forward and speaking directly to our Amazing God!

    "Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance, but laying hold of his willingness." (Martin Luther)
Here is our Baby Safe team at the Yellow House – friends praying together for our community (a puppy joined us)


April 15 – Launching The First Soccer Festival

Karl launched “All Nations Sports Ministries” and kicked it off with our first Soccer Festival! 125 kids came – and soon they were broken into stations…

– eating a light lunch,
– learning a soccer skill (change of direction),
– playing soccer games,
– competing for prizes at skill challenges,
– learning the story of Zacchaeus with oral story telling (a man in the Bible who changed the direction of his life)

Karl said, "I loved the fact that afterwards the kids weren't talking about soccer...but I could hear them retelling the Zacchaeus story. It's not about wins and losses - it's about Jesus!"

See the photos!



April 12 – Coaching Gangsters

A group of drug-dealing gangsters from Masiphumele (The Naughty Boys) mentioned off-handedly to a friend of ours that they wouldn’t be causing so much trouble if they had something to DO... they just want to play soccer!

Karl met with the guys, they picked a day, and before you knew it Karl had 18 gangsters out on the soccer field, laughing and enjoying a friendly game of soccer. They couldn’t get enough of it and begged Karl to come back the next day. Karl is so excited to be mentoring this group of young men!

Field where "naughty boys" could play soccer in Masi
Grass area where "naughty boys" played soccer with Karl


April 8 – Adison's First Easter

Easter dinner at our house


Jensen and Kieren decorate a "Easter Bunny Cake"


Adi and Mama



April 4 – Celebrating Emme

Our precious Emme turned 4 years old today! Here is a short list of Emme’s favorite things...

1. Popcorn (she must ask for popcorn at least a dozen times a day – she says “Opcorn” and excitedly does the sign…pleading for her parents to give her popcorn 3 meals a day)

2. Leah (Signing Time with Alex and Leah – a video that puts learning sign language to song…she would watch 12 hours of “Leah” a day if we let her)

3. Worship (she loves dancing and singing worship songs to Jesus)

For her 4th birthday we gave her popcorn, let her watch copious amounts of Leah videos and invited friends over to sing worship songs with us. It was the best Emme Day ever!

See the video below for...

    • Singing Happy Birthday (she does NOT like birthday cake)
    • Signing Video (she sings Happy Birthday to herself)
    • Worshiping Jesus


For her birthday party...friends brought a “picture” for Emme that she could keep – here is one from our friend Meehan. She wrote these amazing words about our sweet Emme...

Emme, as mysterious and magical, whimsical and playful as a lovely sea creature (my favorite of all God’s creations), you posses an unearthly connection to the inner courts of His majesty’s Kingdom. I see you always abiding, sitting receptively in His presence. It is there that he hands you His treasures or in a way you are taking them from His hands directly, pulling those heavenly gifts down to earth and blessing it with your purity. We love you! Xoxo



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