Journal - January 2013


January 30th - The Power of Blessing

Julie has been amazed at how powerful it is to intentionally speak God's blessing to someone's spirit!

She has started to speak blessings to her 3 little girls each day and friends in Ocean View...who are now speaking these blessings over their children!

Since Julie started reading these blessings to Emme - her teachers have said, "Who is this kid you have brought back to school this year? Her development has really improved!"

Here is an example (try reading this to your kids!)...

"(Jensen, Emmerson, Adison) you are a very special person, created and crafted and designed by God your Father. Before the foundation of the world, your Father planned for you. You are no accident. You did not have to exist, but your Father willed you into existence.

He chose the day and the time you would start your life. He chose your parents and wove you together in your mother’s womb. He planned your birth order and put you in your family. He chose every one of your 23 pairs of chromosomes. He chose every one of your 10,000 plus genes...

Your Father wove it all together and gave you everything you need in the package of your life to be an overcomer, a victor, to take the negative parts of your heritage and triumph over them, to walk in the beauty of all that God has placed within you."

- By Arthur Burk

There is so much you can do with these blessings:

- Read them to your kids at night before bed or while they are doing a quiet activity
- Pregnant moms can read them to their babies in the womb
- Just pick one little sentence of blessing and memorize the concept - and say that to each of your kids sometime throughout the day

By Arthur Burk (get the book "Blessing your Spirit")

January 10th - Striker Camp

The camp was held at an old World War II battery - here are the boys listening to a Bible Story on top of an old cannon

What does every young soccer player love more than anything else?

Shooting at goal!

For this year's pre-season event, we held STRIKER CAMP (inspired by John Keating), and the boys had a blast shooting and scoring (well, the goalkeepers probably could have thought of a better theme)!

We held life-skills break out sessions (on health topics and character development) and enjoyed Bible devotionals daily. The boys and coashes continue to bond together as family!



January 12th - Wish you had ordered bunting?

Our Hope-tions shop is currently closed!

When will we re-open? Our shop had been so busy that Julie has decided she needs more help before she opens it open again!

We are praying that the Lord would send people interested in making at least a 1 year commitment (as a volunteer or unpaid internship). Contact us if you have an interest in micro-business, creative projects, retail or sewing! We are looking for people to help with...

  • accounting
  • marketing
  • social media
  • supplies
  • product development
  • quality checks
  • shipping
  • retail management

We will be able to re-open in 2013 once we have a larger team to help run Hope-tions!

Note: We do have a few bunting banners left. Email to find out what's still in stock!




January 15th - Coaching the Coaches

20 coaches signed up for Karl's second coaching education class!

The course covered...

  • the basic principles of coaching youth soccer players
  • different ways that we can use soccer to build character into youth using biblical principals

It's so exciting to see these men better equipped to mentor boys in our community!

Karl was also recently asked to join a group of international sports coaches who are developing curriculum for adapting a holistic biblical approach to coaching.


Karl is showing a scene from the movie "Kicking and Screaming"
(as he talks about helpful and non-helpful ways to speak to players)





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