Journal - July 2012



July 31 - Coaches Needed

Every boy we meet here desperately wants to play soccer. These children are crying out for coaches...for male leaders to know them, affirm them, love them!

In August we will offer Coaches Training that will...

  • Teach soccer coaching techniques and promote more effective ways to work with youth
  • Show coaches how to have a greater positive impact in their local community, using sport as a catalyst to teach Godly principles to kids
  • Offer a holistic approach that goes beyond soccer by discipling men to become better fathers, loving husbands and good neighbours

Do you have a heart for soccer, kids or helping men becoming leaders?

We are looking for sponsors for our first soccer coaching education program! 10 young men will attend the course, with an opportunity to join our Street Soccer League as a certified coach.

Get your sports team involved and sponsor one African coach!

July 27 – One Unstoppable Move

The world can be a pretty bad place…but God has given us one unstoppable move... FORGIVENESS.

Today Julie helped her Ocean View girls start to walk a road of forgiveness by processing past offenses and losses.

His forgiveness can set us free from the enemy’s despicable plans to pick-pocket our joy, trap us in bitterness and engulf us in sadness.

It is amazing to see how He overcomes all the hurt, loss and offenses in our life!

PHOTO: When Karl's parents were here we took Julie's girls sight-seeing with us. This is a vew from Chapman's Peak Drive (one the world's top 10 most beautiful drives)







July 23 - Motherhood is Beautiful

Many mothers in our communities struggle and here are some all too common scenarios:

  • Babies are hit/beat if they cry too much (culture says that these babies are being “naughty” and should be punished)
  • Diaper rashes and cradle cap easily get out of control (babies with a severe, raw and bleeding diaper rash and cradle cap goes untreated for long periods of time and infection sets in)
  • Children often grow up on a diet of chips and soda pop (that’s all these mothers know to do...because that’s what their parents did for them)

Baby Safe is proud to announce a new program launching in August called Motherhood is Beautiful...

We will engage with women in disadvantage communities 5 days a week with...

  • Discovery Bible Studies
  • baby health
  • budgeting
  • time management
  • nutrition
  • child rearing
  • exercise
  • sewing

Want to be part of this and make a big difference in the life of a struggling mom?

Do you have a heart for women who need a second chance and want to find great ways to provide for their family?

Read more about this program...

We are looking for someone to sponsor the first phase of sewing lessons (to teach our women to sew holiday bunting as a future source of income for them and their family).

Classes start Monday, August 6th!




July 21 - Manchester United Game

We took boys from the townships to see Manchester United play Ajax Cape Town today (tickets for our Ubuntu boys made possible by a generous donation from somebody back in the USA).

Manchester United is touring to get ready for their upcoming season and they have a HUGE following in Cape Town. The boys had the time of their lives as they saw some of their heroes both for Man U and the local team!

Three of the boys rode with me and we had a great time discussing their lives and the ups and downs of living in a township.

I greatly respect their perseverance and pray for them daily that they would break the cycles of gangs and drugs through sports and Jesus.

Do you want to see more boys like this have an opportunity to play soccer! Partner with us and sponsor a coach!




July 19 – After 28 Years...His First Birthday Cake

Shane is from Ocean View and begs on the street close to where we live. (See video of Shane from last year). It's his birthday, so we bought him a cake and small gift.

Karl said, "When I gave it to him he just hugged me with tears streaming down his face. He told me he had never had a birthday cake. I told him Jesus loved him and so did we. I pray that God's love is felt by Shane in a powerful way."







July 11 - Karl’s Parent’s Visit

Since we aren not going home to the USA this year (and we have a new baby as a carrot to dangle), Karl's parents came to visit us and left today.

We were SO very blessed to have them here for two weeks.

We got to show them around Cape Town. It was so great for them to see where we minister and take them around to some of the beautiful sights.

It was also amazing and heart warming to see them be grandparents to the girls. All three of the grandkids were loved on to no end (as were we), and we miss them greatly now that they are gone!

Julie's favorite moment...when Dave and Joan were up at midnight helping her sew belt loops onto "spa robes" for Jensen's Home Made Spa Party. They are the best!

See the photos...



July 9 - Claudine Attends JDx

Our friend Claudine is attending JDx this week (Jesus Discipleship Experience)! She is learning how to start discipling people from her own community.

Here are some highlights from the week...

-- Reproducible, organic church

-- Faith is expectation plus perseverance

-- We need to go upward (fascinated with Jesus) and outward (on adventure with Jesus)...upward should not surpass outward and visa versa

-- What we celebrate...we get more of. What we give-away...gets multiplied

She is our local leader for our new "Motherhood is Beautiful" program. Go Claudine!







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