Journal - March 2014


Here are some video updates to sum up the month...

March 28 - Sister Love

With Emme in her lap, Jensen was swinging and singing to her a little song she made up. "I love u so! No matter what...I'll never stop loving you."

March 22 - Adison Rose Turns 2 Years Old

There are four little girls in Adi's Posse - all born within a few months of each other. She loved having them over for her second year old birthday party today. Such a great age!


March 18- Grieving Africa Style

Wow! We were blown away by all the African love that showed up at our house. MASSIVE gratitude in our hearts for our African friends who came over to "grieve African style" w Karl over the loss of his mom. They expressed their sorrow, prayed for Karl, sang this beautiful song called "Thula Sizwe" (Xhosa meaning "be quiet, hear and don't cry because God will conquer for you") and made us feel like family. I know I'm starting to sound redundant, but we LOVE this amazing community.


February 27 - Saying Good Night to Daddy and Grandpa in America

Here is a video we sent Karl of the girls saying good night - while he was back in America for his mother's funeral.





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