Journal - October 2013


October 31 - The Scoop on the Ostrand Girls

Adison (a flower) - Jensen (Lela from Disney's Teen Beach Movie) - Emerson (ballerina)

This fall the girls enjoyed going to the pumpkin patch (something Jensen really misses when we are in Africa).

They loved dressing up and spending time with all their cousins on Halloween. A special treat!


She had a hard time deciding on costumes. A tough call between her current hero Lela and being a Nebraska Corn Husker Cheerleader.


She has recently decided she hates the paparazzi - every time we try to take her photo she passionately says, "No! No! No!"


Loves to point to her tummy and say "Tubby" (she can't quite pronounce the "m" there). Gotta love a tubby tummy!


October 27 - Karl's Soccer Team Wins State Cup

Karl handing out medals and hugs after State Cup win

Julie says, “I was a nervous wreck!"

She says, "It may surprise you, but Karl is not competitive by nature (I make up for that). He doesn’t usually get caught up in wins and losses.

Whenever I ask him “Who won the game?” he always focuses on how the boys played and their attitudes. BUT we were both a nervous wreck during State Cup. I’ve never wanted Karl to win a game so badly!”

VIDEO: Here is Karl right before the game...


Karl giving his "end of game" congrats speach to the boys

Karl says, “I was thinking about this game so much...I was actually dreaming about it in my sleep for months!"

He says, "This game was so important to me because I had coached many of these boys since they were 7 years old. When we left for Africa 3 years ago...I gave up that team. That was actually really hard – these players and their parents had become like family to me.

When we came back to the US last May due to my mother’s cancer, it was very special to be asked to coach this team for their last year of club soccer. It was amazing to be a part of these seniors winning their last state cup! I will always remember that incredible moment!”

Here the boys are holding up fingers to show the number of state cups they have won
(the boys who have been on this team the longest have won 6 consecutive State Cups)


October 16 - Julie Tells-All

Julie's intimate "tell-all" on recent events - turning 40, getting skin cancer and having a miscarriage.

VLOG (VIDEO BLOG): Grab a cup of coffee and get Julie shares her story and talks honestly about embracing God's gifts (even when she doesn't like the wrapping paper) video







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