Journal - June 2014



Wow! Karl's former soccer club in Omaha flew him back to the US in June to coach his team's last soccer tournament. What a privilege!

Right after that...Dave (Karl's father) flew back with Karl and Jensen to Africa.

Please enjoy this tour - 12 special photos...


The OFC U18 Boys come together for some coaching points at Regionals (Jensen slips in to join them).


Karl watches the team play their hearts out.


Jensen and Ppop cheer them on.


The team made Tshirts - "OFC Soccer - In Memory of Joan Ostrand - Playing as One." So meaningful!


Birthday Morning! Jensen arrives back in Africa in time for her 8th birthday.
These sisters are excited to celebrate.


New discovery...Emme LOVES pigs! She spent nearly an hour feeding them. And they loved her back!


We visited a local botanical garden. Beautiful! Why have we not done this before?


"Tree Canopy Walkway"
(a bridge that winds and dips its way through and over the trees of the Arboretum).


Special moments - Karl and his amazing bond.


Emme is a daddy's girl and missed her papa so much.


This is one loved grandpa - we can't let him go back!


Julie is so happy to have everyone back home safe and sound!




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