Journal - july 2010


July 6th - Visit to Sewing School for Women with HIV


Meehan, Wendy and Julie


Meehan (a fellow CPx student) and I visited Evangeline Ministries - an organization that offers a free sewing class to women living with HIV and AIDS from the Masiphumelele informal settlement.

Women learn how to sew and at the end of the class they receive a new sewing machine!

Wendy Ryan, founder of Evangeline Ministries, started the sewing class when she realized many people living with HIV and AIDS were unemployed and idle because they lack skills and their HIV status bars them from even the most menial jobs. Most people do not disclose they have HIV, as employers will not hire them and family members will treat them as outcasts.

Once these women gradute from the 6 month course, they can support themself and their children with their new sewing skills!

We are dreaming about creative products these beautiful women can sew and sell for income. We are also brain storming about how to offer this course to our friends in Ocean View.

See photos...

July 8th - Parent Film Club Night


The Amazing African Women Film SocietyOur film club ended and Karl showed the girls how to “put the movie together.” They had never seen a Mac computer and were amazed at the “cool things” you can do with iMovie!

The girls spent several hours choosing video clips from the “Amazing African Women” guest speakers, music and text for their Film Club Movie.

Tonight we invited the parents to view the girl’s creation!



The girls’ mothers were all very proud of their daughters and one said, “I myself am so inspired by all the women who spoke to the girls! They come from a place similar to Ocean View and it was wonderful to hear their stories.”

Lee and Rashmi, our fellow CPx students who will working in Cape Town while we are back in the states, met the parents and talked about some exciting programs they hope to offer in the high school.

We were so blessed by these amazing African girls and can’t wait to spend more time with them when we return!

We know God will do big things in their life!

See the final movie the girls made!




July 9th - Living Hope Soccer Tournament (Karl's entry)

This weekend I was part of a soccer tournament put on by a group we partner with called "Living Hope".

We had kids from the different townships come to play, fellowship and learn of God's love for them.

There were many different ethnic groups (South Africa has eleven official languages). Even so, as my friends at "Athletes in Action" say... sports is the one language that knows no boundaries and sees no distinctions.

It unites people and cultures, transcends values and defies prejudice.

I am committed to using the language of sport to communicate the most powerful message of all: God’s passionate love for his children as communicated through his Son, Jesus Christ.

It’s a story that’s changed my life, given me purpose and hope, and I long to tell this good news to others!

See photos...



July 15th - Last Discovery Bible Study

This week we will have our last Discovery Bible Study in Ocean View (until we return in the fall).

For us, this is what it's all about!

Here is a few quotes from our Bible study women:

  • I’ve never felt so free to read the Bible for myself!
  • I feel like I can actually talk to people I can trust who love me!
  • I’ve been looking forward to this all week!

Those that live in Ocean View say it's very difficult to find other people you can simply talk to and share your heart. Gossip permeates everything and many people don't feel they even have one person they can speak to honestly.

The Discovery Bible Study is so meaningful because it's a safe place to share your life and discover what God is speaking to you personally.

We start every meeting with "what are you thankful for?" and "what is your biggest need?" Two great questions that create true community, build lasting friendship, and lead to meaningful prayer. We then read the Bible together and everyone shares what stands out and what they feel they need to do as a result of reading those verses. It's amazing how life changing this simple format can be!

Want to try it with friends? Here is the very simple format we follow: Printable DBS Format and God Story Verses


July 18, 2010 - Return to US

We have returned to the United States for several months. More journal updates will be posted when we come back to Africa in the fall of 2010!


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