Journal - June 2012


June 24 - Can’t Get It Out of Your Head

Bible stories of God's love are sinking in! These stories can be recited WORD FOR WORD WEEKS LATER, by kids who have attended past Soccer Festivals.

These stories are so can’t help but repeat it to yourself throughout the day – like a song you can’t get out of your head.

One child even got up in his school assembly last week and told his the whole story of “the boy who shared.”

HOW DOES IT WORK? At the Soccer Festivals the children are gathered into groups of 10 and each take a turn making up actions for one “line of the story” – until the whole group has memorized the entire Bible story. At the almost sounds like a rap or a poem...with engaging actions to go with it.

VIDEO: Here is a video of the adults practicing the story of Noah for the next soccer event (the adults made up actions when they practiced the story...but the children will create their own actions later when they learn it)




June 21 - The Negativity Fast Lives On

When I’ve asked My “Divas” (the high school girls I mentor from Ocean View), “What are the biggest problems in Ocean View?” I expected them to say, “Gangs, violence, rape, abuse, drugs, etc.” But they always say “Jealousy and Gossip.”

So this month they decided to do the Negativity Fast – eliminating all negative words coming out of their month for 1 week.

Afterward they said, “It was so hard, but it was easier when we were with each other not to gossip. When we were with other was even harder.”

I asked them...“What if EVERYONE in Ocean View stopped gossiping and complaining for one week...what would happen?”

We decided it would change the ENTIRE community. We brainstormed about how we could spread the word to get all of Ocean View to do a negativity fast for one week.

In my white Americaness I thought handing out fliers or putting it on Facebook would work. They said, “No! You need to make up a song and dance...that would get the word out!”


Here is my mom with Adison Rose and the girls the day they decided to start the fast. It was so wonderful to see her praying for these girls – encouraging and blessing them.

Here are the girls brainstorming about how to write the “Negativity Fast Song" (to start a movement in Ocean View to stop jealousy and gossip)


June 13 - Julie’s Parents in Africa

My parents have been visiting us in Africa and left today to go back to the US!

It was amazing to have them show them the beauty of South Africa, to meet our incredible friends and to give them a glimpse into the work we do here.

Read the blog...

See the photos of my parent's trip...


June 8 - Start Your Business with $7

Julie and the Baby Safe Team (why do I have such a tiny head?)

As Baby Safe's Women's Business and Life Skills Coordinator, Julie is always thinking about how we can better serve South Africa with employment and enterprise.

South Africa is known as the “black whole of micro enterprise” – but Julie recently Skyped with the founder of a very successful business start-up program based here in South Africa.

Qualified South Africans can start a business with their own $ money is lent from outside parties. It’s an amazing program!

Dynamic Business Start-Up Project (DBSP) differences:

  • Outside money is NOT lent or given…participants come with their own R50 (about $7) –which is used as seed money to start their own business
  • Proven success here in South Africa for over 10 years - 85% success rate for graduates of the program (success means they are at the very least able to support their own family’s living expenses – housing, food, school fees, etc. – off of the profits of the business) – 65% start their own business and 15% become employable
  • One graduate of the program has become a millionaire
  • Strict screening process to enter program
  • 30 day initial training with a year-long follow-up plan
  • Plan for local leaders to multiply/duplicate this business training built into method
  • More details here...

We are looking into how All Nations can launch this program later this year!

Some businesses that have come out of
Dynamic Business Start-Up Project (DBSP):

1. Bakery and confectionery businesses
2. Hair & beauty salons
3. The distribution of sports videos and music C.D.'s
4. Grave stone and prefabricated slab manufacture
5. Household appliance repairs
6. T-shirt and bag screen printing
7. Sewing ladies underwear

8. Glass collection, crushing and recycling
9. Security gate and burglar bar manufacture
10. Farming activities - mainly poultry, pigs & vegetables
11. An after hours taxi service
Aluminium pot re-manufacture

June 2nd - Better Coaches = Better Men

Soccer is by far the most popular sport here among Africans!

Since it is difficult and expensive for local coaches to receive training, many have received no soccer coaching education.They are doing amazing work and are passionate and eager for knowledge to become better coaches!

Karl is excited to be planning the first All Nations Coaching Education Course!

All Nations Coaching Education Course will...

  1. Improve soccer coaching techniques and promote more effective ways to work with youth
  2. Teach them how to have a greater positive impact in their local community, using sport as a catalyst to teach Godly principles to kids
  3. Offer a holistic approach that goes beyond soccer by discipling men to become better fathers, loving husbands and good neighbours



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