Journal - January 2012


January 30 - Why is "Hope" Such a Big Deal?

Whether in the inner city of Omaha, Nebraska or harsh poverty of Africa...HOPE is the big deal.

As we prepare to begin new ministries this year to bring HOPE to Africa, we are inspired by the words of one of our mentors Ty Schenzel (founder of the Hope Center in Omaha, Nebraska) in his new book:

"New ideas come from a hopeful heart. Hope keeps you thinking about the future, a better future. Hope helps you get through difficult times because you “hope” for things to be different in a good way down the road.

Imaginative dreams help a little heart breathe and spread its wings. They build a child’s hope muscles and empower him or her to look forward to the future.

Eventually, kids who have hope can reject choices that could and would probably would lead to painful consequences. Why? Because with hope, you’re willing to deny immediate gratification to exchange for a better future.

Kids who struggle with hopelessness have to have the hope that what they see today is NOT how their future will look. The future has to look a bit brighter in their hearts. I think that’s how God wired not only the hearts of children, but the hears of adults too."

- Ty Schenzel: "A Thousand Screaming Mules" (get the book)

Karl says, "This is so meaningful to me because it sums up everything we seek to accomplish in Africa. Soccer is a tool of hope - kicking a ball, learning a skill and becoming part of a team are all ways we extend hope...not just for an afternoon but for a lifetime!"



January 25 - The Human Swing

A baby boy was abandoned last week at a police station in a near-by town and our organization Baby Safe was called upon to take care of the baby until more permanent arrangements could be made.

Photo to right: Here is Karl, showing a Baby Safe "safety family" (the family who will take care of the baby for several days until he is placed) his best "Daddy Trick" - how to turn a car seat into a human baby swing to sooth a crying infant. Works like magic!

We are excited about our new design for the Baby Safe!

Why do we have Baby Safes?

We have discovered that one of the consequences of the poverty in South Africa is that new born babies are literally being thrown away. Baby Safe was birthed out of the realization that next to nothing was being done to prevent this. We are available to intervene with abandoned infants found anywhere, but we also have an anonymous baby drop called a "baby safe."

What is a Baby Safe?

The Safe provides an opportunity for a mother to leave the baby anonymously, while being assured that proper care will be given to the baby.

Our team of social workers are immediately notified by Voice Call when a baby is left in the Safe and a safety backup system confirms that the infant has been fetched. Read more about Baby Safe...


January 12 - A Fresh Start

Dave and Kelly visited a local Ocean View church and shared with a women's group about how God wants to give everyone a Fresh Start (by becoming free from the effects of offense, hurt, and loss through the transforming power of forgiveness and freedom in Christ).


"Fresh Start was revolutionary for the women of Ocean View, giving them tools to open up, forgive, and truly release their hearts to God. Incredible!" Sarah Prince (leader of an Ocean View women's ministry).

Sarah said the response has been amazing - truly life changing for many of the women - and she will be following up with Fresh Start materials and teaching. She will be speaking to her entire church this month about how they can get a Fresh Start!


January 6, 2012 - Team Building Adventure Soccer Camp

We attended a Team Building Adventure Camp for the Ubuntu Academy Soccer Team (who Karl helps coach).

We all piled in the car and
drove several hours to join them.
High Ropes Course -
Karl, Dave and Kelly joined in with the boys
It's higher than it looks from the ground.
Karl puts on a soccer training session.
Karl with one of the Ubuntu soccer boys
Karl gets ready to climb the wall


January 3, 2012 - Home Sweet Home

Best view in the house!
My sweet girls
Jensen runs through the sprinkler in our backyard.
Emme plays outside in a tub.
Cousin Dave makes taco salad in Emme's old bath tub
(we did kinda swish it out first)
Taco salad with friends
Jensen loves to play the drum at house church.
Shark spotter watches for sharks from the mountain-side.



January 1, 2012 - We're Baaaaaaaaaack!

After teary good-byes, 24 hours in the air, and more luggage than we care to admit...we are back in Africa!

Jensen trying to secure her Teddy Bear
before leaving the Omaha airport.
Thank you to friends and family
who came to say goodbye!
Karl's cousin David and his wife Kelly
graciously travelled back with us to assist.
WHAT would we have done without them?
Arriving around midnight in Cape Town. really does take about 6 people
to push carts with all our luggage.


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