Journal - November 2010

November 27 - Karl Partners with Ubuntu Sports

Karl has been asked to partner with an organization founded by Casey Prince called UBUNTU Sports.

UBUNTU Sports Outreach exists to connect boys to mentors and coaches that can connect them to their Heavenly Father.

Over the next two weeks they will be hosting 6 clinics for 12 and 13 year olds from the local townships. The goal will be to identify kids for an academy program that will give Ubuntu a platform to speak the message of Jesus Christ into the lives of these kids and give them quality soccer training at the same time.

Please pray for the right kids to come to these clinics and that they would respond to God's call in their lives.



November 25 - First Ocean View Men's and Women's Discovery Bible Study

Karl and Julie participated in their first adult co-ed Bible study in Ocean View today! On this Thanksgiving Day, it truly is a reason to be thankful.

Led by Africans:

We were so proud of Thelma and Claudine for facilitating this new group.

Thelma has been a part of the women's Bible Study for several months and said, "I have been a Christian for 10 years, but it was not until I started going to this Bible study that I could pray in front of other people or share my testimony. Now I am not afraid."

She wanted to start a co-ed Bible Study in her home to involve her husband and other men and women in the community who were interested. Today she invited a family member that recommited her life to God a few days ago and another member of the family who is not yet a Christian.

What do you need?
One of the questions asked in the Discovery Bible Study is, "What do you need today?" People in the group said...
  • God's mercy
  • God's strength
  • God's wisdom
  • God's grace
  • Everything God has to offer


She chose I Corinthians 13:4-7 as the scripture, a description of what love is. Everyone in the group felt convicted for ways we do not show real love to others.


The key part of the Discovery Bible Study format is making an "I will" statement at the end - deciding something you will change about your life, based on the scripture just read.

One person said, "I am rude all the time. I will not be rude any more." Another person said, "Every day I like to judge people for what they are doing wrong. I will not judge others." Another person said, "I am impatient with my husband. I will be patient." Some one else said, "I have been discouraged but will persevere."

We stand in amazement at what God is doing in Ocean View!

Karl said, "It was awesome just to see their hunger to learn more about what God has for their lives!"



November 19 - First Computer Class Graduates

Claudine and Lorraine as they proudly hold up
their certificates of completion

We have our first two graduates of the computer class!

Lorraine said, "I got a call for a job from the resume I posted online. I can't believe it!"

We want to combine principles of discipleship with the computer class and have an exciting new approach:

Women in Ocean View can take the Computer 101 at no cost. If they want to advance their skills and take Computer 102, they must teach the Computer 101 class to new students.

  • This is a great way to empower Africans to teach other Africans their skills
  • They gain more experience and understanding of technology by learning the materials and then teaching the materials to someone else
  • Although the class is free, this gives them an opportunity to give back to their community



November 18 - Weak and Small (julie's entry)

When I first arrived the director at Baby Safe asked us to write down three areas where we’d like to grow. It took me about 10 seconds to come up with my list:

1. Faithlessness
2. Prayerlessness
3. Lack of balance

Let me just say – if someone ever asks you this question and your answer is in the ball park of the first two points, be very, very afraid.

The fact is, if you want the Lord to grow you in prayer and faith, he certainly will. Yes, yes he will.

The first month we struggled to find a house and a car – two things you really need to be able to move forward here. I was impatient and bitter. I felt my faith stretched and stretched and stretched.

It was not pleasant. The Lord came through. We are renting a great little house and are so grateful to have a good vehicle.

Then I struggled to feel like I fit in here and actually have friends (yes, 4th grade re-enacted). Leaving family and life-long friends back in Omaha, all I could do was pray.

Past these two hurdles, our health has waned. Emme had a horrific cold that went on for weeks (matted eyes, nose that ran like it was in a triathlon, etc), Jensen’s had several bouts with 105 temps, and Karl’s been in excruciating back pain (from all this moving and lifting). He now he has tonsillitis while I have a sinus infection. More prayer. God has given more grace.

The real kicker, however, has been our parents. Karl’s mom is going through chemo for breast cancer and bravely battling the emotional horror of losing one’s hair and exhausting physical side-effects. My dad, who finished chemo several months ago, is left with an immune system that no longer wants to be a team player (high temperatures and canker sores have linger for over a month and make it excruciating to eat, speak or function).

For this we had to rally the troops! 30 people stood with us to fast for my dad on his birthday a few days ago. The scriptures and prayers were so encouraging and the email I got from my dad tonight has moved me to tears.

So this is where we are. Tired and discouraged – but pressing on.

My prayers are weak, but He has a way of using weak things. My faith is small, but he has a thing for faith that's oh...about the size of mustard seed.

He is our hope. He is our faith. His love is enough.


November 16th - Abandoned Baby Left in Baby Safe

We had our first baby left in our Sun Valley "Baby Safe!"

Here is a photo of our team introducing her to the All Nations staff members and praying for her.

We know the Lord has amazing plans for "Baby Joy!" We prayed for his goodness and protection to follow her throughout her life.

Baby dumping is a growing problem in South Africa. Here is an article...

Johannesburg - The ANC in Gauteng implored new mothers who did not want their babies to stop the "horrendous" practice of dumping them in the veld, dustbins and pit latrines, in response to a picture in The Times on Wednesday of a dead baby found in Soweto...more

Baby Safe is countering infanticide through providing alternatives to desperate mothers. We intervene in South Africa’s baby dumping crisis by providing a drop off point (the baby safe), where a mother can leave her baby anonymously, legally, and safely, 24 hours a day.


November 12th - Moving Forward

Now that we are more settled in to life here in Africa...plans are underway! Here is a quick update...
  • Discovery Bible Studies (DBS)- we will be involved in several Bible studies in Ocean View (a co-ed adult group, a women's group, and a high school group)
  • Soccer - Karl will start coaching a team of players from Ocean View
  • Micro Loans - we will be partnering with two successful micro enterprise organizations and are developing a curriculum tailored for Ocean View
  • Sewing School - we have brought cool patterns and samples for aprons and handbags to be used in the first sewing class and will meet with a potential facilities director to inquire about a classroom next week
  • Computer Class - we have continued to offer the computer class and are expanding it to more students (women love creating their first resume, getting their first email account and learning to type)


November 11th - Training African Leaders

From January through June we attended CPx 2010 (church planting experience) and learned different models of church planting and discipleship.

One of the great things about All Nations and CPx is their belief that Africans are the best way to reach Africa. We are excited for the CPx in 2011 as many of the students will be from all over Africa.

Karl has been asked to be a part of the team that helps with the content and programming of the 2011 CPx. Along with all the other things we are doing here in South Africa, he is very excited to to help in this way!


November 2nd - Reconnect with Ocean View High School Girl


It was great to be able to reconnect with a high school student we had met with regularly during CPx!

She contacted us because she was struggling with a personal situation. We shared how God has an amazing plan for her life and that He loves her more than she could ever imagine.

She is interested in meeting with a group of friends for a Discovery Bible Study and would like to start a street performing arts group.

We are excited!



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