Photos - Ocean View (the township where we Serve)

Located about forty five miles from Cape Town, Ocean View township was formed in the late 1960’s to 1970’s during the Group Areas Act; all coloured people were forcefully relocated from the ‘white communities’ to this settlement.

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Ocean View High School Sign (with barbed wire fence)
Ocean View High School
Our team waiting to give our presentation
(check out the caged-up microwave in the upper right)
Johannes and Karl
Able, Daria, Johannes, Suretha, Julie and Karl
"Streetstyle - Ocean View High, The World is Yours - Faith"
Bars on the door to a classroom
Coutyard at school (feels a bit like a prison)
Door to classroom (from outside)
Door to classroom (from inside)
Ocean View's mosque
The mosque up close
Tree with tire swing
A home in Ocean View
Children playing
Another home in Ocean View
"The Flats" in Ocean View
Jensen giving away her bracelet
Trying it on
Checking it out

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