12 Snap Shots of African Life

As we get on a plane today to fly back to America to live permanently, we reflect on these 12 snap shots of African Life over the last 2 months.

You can see our life here has been a joy! Although the goodbyes have been hard and the tears have been many, we say goodbye to Africa and open our hearts to a new chapter.

Grandpa arrives just in time for city-wide power outages If you need a little cheering-up...this happy video will make your day  Emme: 79% of parents or guardians reported their outlook on life was “more positive” because of their child with Down syndrome.
Bringing soccer to an African village in Zambia. Thank you to all who made this trip possible! Goodbye Party for the Ostrands Wall Stencil Business Launched! Even with Julie leaving, this business will continue on led by Africans. Support the women and "like" our Beautiful Changes Facebook page
Adi: See video (she rides a camel by herself) Five reasons why packing up your family and moving across an ocean...is totally worth it... Jensen: In her 9 precious years she has moved to Africa and embraced a new culture, transitioned 7 times for school, lived in 6 different places, welcomed 3 new siblings and handled all these changes with such joy and grace.
Colton: Going to America for the first time, Julie hopes he takes with him 3 things!
The "Moroccan" is our most popular stencil design. See our stencil work! At a soccer clinic with coach Karl this morning. More than 200 kids thronged Chinotimba stadium.


Goodbye Beautiful Africa! You have forever changed us.