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Karl's Eulogy to His Mom

Guest Blog Post by Karl Ostrand

As I approached the South African customs agent in preparation to board the plane home, I was doing everything I could do to keep it together. Read blog...

Since the funeral...

Karl says, "It's been a month since the funeral and the hardest part is not getting her daily text messages of encouragement, her phone calls to ask me questions about the little stuff going on in my life, or seeing her "likes" on all my Facebook posts."


As many of you know, Karl's mother passed away on February 23rd, and he went back to America for 2 weeks to help with funeral arrangements and to spend time with his father.

Video Tribute to Joan (5 min) - created by Karl and shown at the funeral. Watch now...

Family Update - While Karl was away, our incredible community helped Julie and the girls move into our new home in Africa.

We have spent this past month getting settled into our house, grieving the loss of Joan, and easing back into soccer ministry and "business for missions" strategic planning.

We are looking forward to Karl's dad coming to visit us in Africa for 4 weeks this summer.



These short videos sum up our past month...

Girls Saying Good Night to Daddy (while Karl was in America for his mother's funeral)

Grieving African Style - Friends came over to comfort Karl over the loss of his mom (a little longer video than what was posted on Facebook - for those of you longing to hear more of this incredible song)

Sister Love - With Emme in her lap, Jensen was swinging and singing to her a little song she made up. "I love u so! No matter what...I'll never stop loving you."

Adi Turns 2 Years Old - Happy Birthday to our sweet Adison Rose. Love our precious girl!