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The Truth About Being a Missionary in Africa

Alright people…let’s be honest, “missionary in Africa” sounds pretty legit, right?  Cue scenes from “Hotel Rwanda,” “Blood Diamond,” “Tears of the Sun” (all movies that scared the you-know-what out of me ever wanting to go joy-riding around Africa in all of my inescapable whiteness).

Now, I realize selling all your possessions, quitting a job you love and moving your family with small kids to Africa to “help people” sounds impressive and sacrificial.  And in that moment...read blog

Julie has been mentoring a group of girls for several years and they have recently started a "wall stencil business" called Beautiful Changes.

They are having a blast transforming plain walls into something beautiful, earning an income and reaching out to clients in the community with our unique "beautiful changes chat."

Check out more about this and see some fun photos!




Well Folks, it's been a tough week.

Karl's Aunt Jeanette (his mother's sister who was like a second mom to him) joined his mom in heaven on Sunday, May 24.

Like Karl's mom, she battled cancer for many years, and although expected, her death was still a shock.

Karl was hoping to see her again when we return to the US in July (she lives 2 minutes from Karl's dad). Karl was very close to her and although grateful for the legacy left behind, it's difficult to miss another family death and not be there for the grieving process.

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