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Transition. Whoa.
What Now?

The Truth About Big, Fat Closed Doors

Down syndrome has transformed my world, but not in the way you might expect. 

Sure there are the usual blessings that come with having a child with special needs (more patience, letting go, appreciating the small victories...cue the made for television Hallmark movie please ). But I'm talking about the BIG STUFF here, people!

Because when it comes down to it, the simple fact is that the 3 most important changes of my life are a result of Emme and her elegant ability to close doors....when I was lost in a sea of overwhelming options.

The unfortunate reality is that you’ve got to keep it pretty simple with me, especially when it comes to...read blog


Biggest Need

We are looking for a small, compact car (reliable enough for Karl to drive to out-of-town soccer events).

Please email Karl if you know of any available!



Transitioning back into life in America is no joke.  It’s been quite the ride starting over…settling the girls into school, looking for work, setting up home, adjusting to life without Karl’s mom and embracing a new family member (as Karl’s dad is getting remarried to an old friend this fall).


Financial Supporters

You, our amazing supporters, have done SO INCREDIBLY MUCH to make landing in America as smooth a transition as possible.  There are no words to describe the depth of our gratitude.

So many of you have continued to financially support us through the end of December. THANK YOU!

WE ARE SO GRATEFUL for you how you’ve loved us well to the very end. We’ve needed your love and support more than you could ever EVER know (all automatic deduction monthly support will end automatically on January 1, 2016. You do not need to do anything more to stop your donation). 

You will be hearing from us personally soon…but for now, please know we will carry our DEEP appreciation for you for a lifetime.


Karl, while making family his priority, has also found his groove coaching an OFC U18 boys soccer team.  He does not have a full-time job yet, but looks forward to going back to work at the soccer club here in Omaha.

Julie has been focused on being a mother to 4 amazing bug-a-boos and is busy “setting up home” again in Karl’s dad’s house, where he has graciously allowed us to live. See some photos of her decorating fun in October!

She has also been honoured to continue as a “business advisor” and “marketing coach” for the Beautiful Changes wall stencil team she helped mentor in Africa (she’s able to send text messages and call frequently). 

Take 5 seconds to help! One big “small” thing you can do: The "wall stencil girls" would be so grateful for 5 seconds of your time – to “like” their Beautiful Changes wall stencil Facebook page.  You have no idea how much this helps promote their business! Click here to “like” it now on Facebook and support women in Africa.