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Julie's intimate "tell-all" on recent events - turning 40, getting skin cancer and having a miscarriage.

VLOG (VIDEO BLOG): Grab a cup of coffee and get cozy...as Julie shares her story and talks honestly about embracing God's gifts (even when she doesn't like the wrapping paper)...watch vlog

BLOG: Read Julie's poem dedicated to David Paul


Are you REALLY going back to Africa?

Yes! We have reserved plane tickets and plan to leave Dec 29 to return to South Africa.

What has Karl been up to?

His U18 boys won the Nebraska Soccer State Cup. Why this is incredibly special...

What's going on with the girls?



Every time you purchase a "Motherhood is Beautiful" product, YOU help a mother in Africa provide food for her whole family!


Beautiful gifts for friends and family (that empower a mom in Africa)...

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