Photos - Every Day life in Cape Town

South Africa is a unique country - with extremes of poverty and wealth. Here are some photos featuring a few ways Cape Town is able to meet the needs of our family.

Note: Three townships are located within a 10 minute drive from most of the locations pictured below.

Karl’s Summer 2009 Exploratory Trip Itinerary

  • Brought over soccer jerseys
  • Met with a pediatric cardiologist for Emme
  • Toured the South Africa Down syndrome Association (they will provide Early Intervention for Emme)
  • Visited several townships
  • Checked-out All Nations facility and training
  • Saw a mall, grocery store and a few other key shopping places (to put my wife’s mind at ease – no Gap, sorry Julie!)
  • Attended two Braais
view of trees from the car on the road to the hospital (to visit a heart specialist for Emme)
view from Karl's plane window flying into Cape Town, South Africa
a mall
grocery store
grocery store
"bags" of soup (Karl didn't see any cans) at the grocery store
pigs head, anyone?
braai (South African BBQ) with friends at a national park

All Nations playground for Jensen
(at the compound where our classes are held)

hospital (where Karl visited the heart specialist -
they could provide first class medical care for Emme if necessary)
hospital (another view)
South African Down Syndrome Association (Noah and his mom)
South African Down Syndrome Association
South African Down Syndrome Association
our friend's house (where Karl stayed on his trip)


See photos of three townships
(located within a 10 minute drive from most of the locations pictured above)







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