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Thank you so much for filling out our recent survey!

Here we answer your burning questions (asked in our recent survey or during our speaking event presentation Q&A times).


Why Africa?

Many people wonder why all of the time, attention and money have been given to Africa from Western resources over the last 50 years.

The southern half of Africa has the largest amount of...

• Wars
• HIV infected people
• Visible government corruption
• Devastating natural disasters
• Death from preventable diseases

The southern half of the continent has been “Christianized” – including everything from ancestral worship mixed with some aspects of Christianity to over 500 types of cults – but this seems to be a religion of the head and not the heart.

For Africa to be transformed...the hearts and minds of the people need to change!

We want to see people radically loved and changed by Jesus through...


From the money you raise...what do you spend it on?

We spend our money on both living and ministry expenses. It's difficult to break down the percentages between how much is "ministry expenses" and how much "living expenses" - because "living" in South Africa allows us to do ministry.

When you give toward our living and ministry expenses it allows us to... in South Africa and spend our time using sports and creative programs to help people discover how much God loves them and wants to change their life.

This includes...

  • Discipling through Discovery Bible Studies
  • Coaching and mentoring boys through soccer
  • Teaching desperate mothers how to find work and provide for their family
  • Building relationships with at-risk high school girls
  • Training African men how to become excellent soccer coaches and inspire youth

Just to give a few examples of monthly expenses....

  • NEW Monthly Soccer Festival (field rental, food and transport for 200 kids) - $500 a month
  • Misc Ministry Needs (clothing, food, education materials and other items for the under-resourced) - $200 a month
  • Gas (to get to the townships, take kids to soccer practice, etc.) is $6 a gallon - $300 a month
  • *Emme - therapy - $400 a month
  • *Emme preschool - $200 a month
  • *Jensen - kindergarten - $170 a month

    *Note: Unlike in the US, public school is not free and the government does fund any services for the special needs of disabled children.


How do I opt-out of your email updates?

At the bottom of all our email blasts there is a “MANAGE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION” link that allows you to choose Add me to your "Do Not Contact" list.


How do you divide your time between family time, outreach, communication with supporters and prayer? It seems like you are very busy!

All of these areas are very important and truly feel we have 4 ministries- the ministry of marriage, family, outreach and partnership...and prayer undergirds it all!

PRAYER: We purpose to start each day with personal prayer and time in scripture – along with meeting with our team and other friends frequently to pray for each other and South Africa.

MARRIAGE AND FAMILY: We work hard to invest time into a healthy marriage (if possible, we try to go on a date once a week) and are able to spend most of our evenings together as family –making it priority to sit down to eat family meals together.

OUTREACH: Outreach is, of course, the reason we are in South Africa specifically. We spend quite a bit of time in the communities themselves, building relationships and having Bible Studies. Of course we are also working on the planning, development and implementation of soccer events, job skills training, and other projects (camps, disaster relief, etc.).

PARTNERSHIP: We cannot be in South Africa without you – your prayers and financial support are essential. The ministry of partnership (all that goes into communicating with supporters), we feel is a valuable use of time to let you know how your involvement is having an impact in Africa.

Partnerships should be 2 ways - with us both praying for each other - and both giving to each other.

You give to us through finances and encouragement - we give to you through encouragement and a sense of purpose (through knowing how God is using you to touch lives here in Africa).

You cannot know how your partnership with us is having an impact unless we communicate this with you - so we will try to communicate in ways that reach you. For everyone this is different, so we will use Facebook, Twitter, email, letters and the web site (photos, video, journal, blog, etc.) to communicate as effectively as we can.


I've noticed in your photos that the people do not look like they are starving...Aren't you in Africa?

While there are many areas in Africa where people are quite literally starving to death, there is not wide spread starvation in our area of Cape Town.

We work primarily in Ocean View and the issues here are of spiritual poverty...drug abuse, gangs, prostitution, child neglect, alcoholism, and domestic violence.


We see that you do a lot of work with women and children...what about the men?

Yes....we have worked primarily with women and children.

When we return in 2012, Karl will start a new training program for African men on how to become excellent soccer coaches, have a positive impact on the younger generation and share the love of Jesus with youth.

Fatherlessness is a wide spread epidemic, and we believe these men will be key in ministering to youth who have long felt abandoned and neglected.

What's different about the new web site?

We have kept the history of information and images that has been posted over the last 2 years (photos, videos, blog, journals and weekly updates), but we have tried to give you a better overview of who we are, what we do, where we are and how to join us.

We hope you find this site more organized and easy to use!


Did we forget a question you asked?

We hope to have answered all your questions...but please remind us if we forgot something!



Why not serve in the US (there is poverty and big needs here too)?

It’s true…there is need everywhere. You don’t have to go overseas to do something that matters. For us, we feel called to serve in Africa.


So what exactly are you doing?

Here's how we want to see people radically loved and changed by Jesus...

Coaching and mentoring boys through soccer
Training African men how to become excellent soccer coaches and inspire youth
Discipling through Discovery Bible Studies Teaching desperate mothers how to find work and provide for their family Building relationships with at-risk high school girls


What about Emme?

We are blessed that South Africa has physical, occupational and speech therapists to help with Emme's developmental needs.

Unlike the US, these services are not free for Emme - but they are available.

Cape Town also has first class medical facilities. Although Emme received a clean bill of health at her three year appointment (heart, vision, hearing, thyroid, etc.), we will have access to excellent medical options if needed.


Who is All Nations and Floyd McClung?

All Nations is an interdenominational Christian, non-profit (501C3) organization that offers leadership training. They are involved in church planting, mentoring, caring for the poor, community development, education, AIDS awareness, and medical clinics. Today, All Nations workers are serving full-time in over 21 different countries. Read more about All Nations»


Is South Africa safe?

Crime is high. We have rules that guide us concerning when and where we go to insure our safety. Read more about South Africa»


How can we contact you in South Africa?

Yes! We'd love to hear from you. Find out how...


How can we pray for you?

See current list...


How will you treat me as partner…really?

Unfortunately aid workers/missionaries are notorious for under-appreciating their partners. We have supported missionaries ourselves for over 15 years and have always been baffled by this pattern.

You work hard for your money – every penny - and your time is precious. No one has resources to frivolously throw around. When you give, you want to feel it actually matters. We get this. It is among our highest priorities to show our gratitude and vividly illustrate how your partnership with us allows God to use to change lives and make a difference here in Africa.




How will you support yourself?

Due to South African immigration laws, we will be serving with a "volunteer visa" initially and are unable to be paid by All Nations or any other organization initially. Any money that is given to us through All Nations is considered a donation (not a payment).

Our work status may change down the road, but for now our support is coming from the donations of others. Join our financial support team and partner with us...



Is your church supporting you financially?



Will you be using any of your own money?



Are my gifts tax deductible?

Yes (when you give through All Nations or Emmanuel).


If I choose to support you monthly - how long does my committment last?

You can begin and end monthly support at any time, solely at your discretion.

We understand with changing jobs and family situations, it’s difficult to know how long you may be able to continue monthly support.

We would encourage you to evaluate your monthly support every 6 months and feel free to discontinue at any time, for any reason.


Why does my check Need to include a Seperate note that says“Preferred for Karl and Julie”? How do I know it will really go to you?

Although your donation will certainly go directly to us – it’s best to include a seperate note that says “preferred for Karl and Julie Ostrand ” for IRS purposes. Your gift is still tax deductible, and you will get a statement at the end of the year reflecting your contributions.


With some organizations the money donated to a certain volunteer is thrown into a “pool” of other volunteers. Is this the case with All Nations?

No, any money donated to us will go directly to us.


Why does All Nations charge an 5% administrative fee?

An administrative fee is standard for mission organizations and 5% is actually low.


How Are you Notified that I have made a financial commitment?

A list of all monthly commitments and actual donations appears on our monthly receipts report from All Nations and Emmanuel Fellowship (our church in Omaha). It’s also very helpful to let us know of your intensions by submitting your info on our CONTACT US page.


When should I start paying a monthly commitment?

You decide which month you want your monthly donation to begin.

For automatic withdrawal of monthly donations, you may indicate which month you would like your monthly donation to begin on the form (it will be taken out of your account on the 20th of that month). This is by far the easiest method. See instructions»


What methods can I use to give?



Do you have other questions that were not answered here?

Please do not hesitate to ask. Contact us now»






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