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Building relationships with at-risk high school girls.

Julie has been meeting with the same group of high school girls that she met in 2010. She has mentored these precious girls for several years, choosing a new focus each year.

Discovery Bible Studies (asking ourselves, "What is beautiful in our life?")


2014 and 2015 - Dinner Club and DBS

I still continue to meet with this fabulous group of girls (now women) once a week. We share a meal and do Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) together. They are like family to us!

We have also been learning the skill of wall stenciling and are they getting so good at it. I'm sure we won't be able to resist turning this into a business!




2013 - Share a Meal and Make a Fresh Start

This year I am meeting with my girls once a week. They come to my house and make dinner together (they choose the menu and make the meal...I just buy the ingrediets). Then we sit down together and do three things:

  • Listen to God - We take a few minutes to listen to the Lord. I ask them to close their eyes and listen to what God has to say to them right now. This can be a picture he gives them, a song, a word or an idea. They write down what they feel God is saying to them.
  • Fresh Start - The girls are going through a work-book, where they experience the process of becoming free from the effects of offense, hurt, and loss through the transforming power of forgiveness and freedom in Christ.


2012 - Graduating from school

This year I was pregant and had a new born baby, so was not able to meet as regularly with my Divas. We did see each other throughout the year and since many of them were seniors, the focus was on visiting universities and helping them apply for college.

2011 - Dance Club and Bible Study

I met with this amazing group of 16 year old girls and we do a Discovery Bible Study and dance lesson (offered through a local dance studio) once a week.

Esther – The girls took turns reading the entire book of Esther out loud – and we ended with watching the movie “A Night With the King”. See the journal...

Journal - I give the girls a special notebook and assignment. See the journal...

Ruth – the girls memorized the whole book of Ruth using “Living Statues” – where they put the story in their own words and created actions. See the journal...

2010 - At-Risk High School Girls Camp

The CPx class of 2011 did a camp for Ocean Views most at-risk girls and invited us to assist. It was incredible! 10 girls attended the camp and each girl had a one-on-one mentor.

We shared God's destiny for their lives and prayed for each girl throughout the weekend! We...

  • played fun games,
  • pampered the girls with facials and pedicures,
  • spoke to them about the realities of drugs and sex,
  • offered a dance class,
  • provided jewellery making lessons,
  • mentored each girl individually,
  • and built some amazing relationships.
  • Read journal entry...
  • See photos...

2010 - Amazing African Women Film Society

In 2010 we began by offering an after school club called the Amazing African Women Film Society, designed to teach at-risk high school girls how to film, interview and create a movie.

Every week the girls had the chance to listen to an inspirational African woman share her personal story of challenges and success. The girls were touched by each speaker's transparent account of a difficult journey and triumph through God.

2010 -Student Leadership High School Camp

We put on a two-night leadership adventure camp with the Ocean View High School prefects (student council members).

They had fun with games, teachings, small group discussions and adventure activities (obstacle course, problem solving outdoor events, etc.).





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